In light of the upcoming Oscars I saw Whiplash this past weekend. It was not the easiest film to watch. Multiple times I had to look away as Andrew’s hands began to bleed from drumming. But I saw what it means to have drive and grit. I saw what it takes to be considered one of the greats. I don’t want to give my life away to sewing. However, the film did encourage me to keep pushing myself. For most people being great at something doesn’t come easily. I may fall flat on my face over and over again, but if I want to get better I have to pick my “drum sticks” back up and play until I bleed.

I have never been fully open about my sewing goals on the blog. I have said a lot about dreaming big, but I haven’t explained what that means for me. My big dream is to be a fashion designer. I want to have my own clothing line and hopefully online boutique. I know without a specific plan it would take me forever to accomplish any of this, so I have set a date to work towards. That date is my 30th birthday. On or around May 16th, 2018 I hope to launch my own website, I hope to make this dream into a reality.

The next step for me is using my new and much more intense sewing machine. For Christmas my parents gave me a Pfaff Ambition. I find it very fitting that it’s called Ambition, some inspiration for me while I sew. Right now I’m using a Singer Tradition. It’s a great machine to start with and I plan to still use it along with the Pfaff. I’m not sure if I need two machines at this point, but I’m definitely thankful for them. While my Singer hits all the basics, the Pfaff is like a machine on steroids. I can’t wait to explore it’s crazy features. It has 136 different stiches! My oh my! I will be using the Pfaff for my next project. And I have an invisible zip foot for it so I can finally sew my invisible zippers correctly!


One thought on “Ambition

  1. Again you go girl! With that new machine there is no telling what you can do! Keep your goal in front of you and I have no doubt you will accomplish all you set out to do. You are amazing!


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