A Gift of Zippers and Snaps

I am very grateful to have a woman in my life who is herself a fashion designer, and always so kind to give me her input. One thing she advised I do is practice specific sewing techniques until I do them correctly. This is not as glamorous as sewing a dress or a skirt, but it’s what must be done if I wish to improve. The other night she gave me a bag filled with little goodies, and to this blossoming seamstress it’s like someone gave me a hundred dollars. It was filled to the brim with zippers, snaps, shoulder pads (I will definitely be making a blazer one day for these babies), a marking pen, and a bit more. She also gave me a book about being creative, a fashion design drawing coursebook and a sketch book. Not only was I ecstatic about these gifts, but I felt like she (along with so many other people in my life) is really rooting for me. Look out world, here I come with my zippers and snaps.

-30 -29 

Feast your eyes on this. Yes, you may laugh. In keeping with my theme of being open and real, this is my very first sketch. I have a lot to learn. However, I did have so much fun drawing and laughing!

 I’ll be in DC for several days so it may, or may not, be a little quiet around here. Any fun places I should check out while I’m there – sewing or non-sewing related?

Happy sewing and creating!

3 thoughts on “A Gift of Zippers and Snaps

  1. Not bad for first sketch! I can see her shoulder and knee pads!! lol! You are blessed with wonderful friends! Have fun learning to perfect these goodies in your sewing!

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  2. I need a friend like yours! Well done on taking the plunge into sketching too. I cheat and use a fashion notebook with the outlines already drawn!


    • I have one of those notebooks too! But I figured if I want to be a designer I should start from the beginning. I really have to fight the urge to cheat – when I sew and sketch! :)


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