Projects 6 and 7: Proof I Sewed in March

I finally finished/started my March sewing projects… in April! These projects had a bit more meaning to them. Each stitch was a reminder that a sweet friend of mine will soon be wearing them.


First I started with the Clemence skirt. I really love this pattern. I made the pattern myself based on Tilly’s instructions and Julie’s measurements. Surprisingly this part was very therapeutic for me. I chose an apple fabric that I think is simply delicious;). And if the pattern couldn’t get any better, there’s an option with pockets! Yes, I’ll make that one please. Sewing the pockets was pretty easy. I had a few freak out moments where I thought I messed up. Thankfully they were all false alarms. While sewing the skirt I learned I’m not a huge fan of hemming but give me a side seam any day. Hands down this is my favorite pattern in Tilly’s book so far. Don’t be surprised if you see another version of it in a few weeks. I hope when it reaches Julie she finds it fits her perfectly and she and the skirt can grace the streets of NYC with a twirl and a smile.

-41 -38

The next project I started (also meant for Julie) is the Mimi blouse. I wasn’t able to keep up with my sewing schedule so though I started the blouse in March I was not able to finish it. During the next two weeks I’ll keep working on it along with making my own Clemence skirt, and I’ll report back here when they are finished!

Have a lovely week and happy spring!

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