Bustling in Birmingham: birthday edition

This weekend has been an extra special one. My love turned 26 on Saturday! He is just growing up so fast :). I LOVE birthdays. I grew up with my brother and his wife doing birthday weeks, so when Dwight and I got together I really hoped we’d do them too. And of course he didn’t argue. Who wouldn’t want to be celebrated for a whole week?! Due to our busy schedules this month, his birthday week started Friday and will end Thursday with us seeing the new Avengers movie. He is a marvel nerd and I love it so. I’ll go ahead and tell you I got zero sewing done this weekend. It was all about lots of celebrating. No fear, I’ll be right back at it on Monday.

Friday: We started the weekend off with breakfast at Pop’s in Five Points. It’s this awesome hole in the wall diner. Two of our favorites met us there to “surprise” Dwight. It didn’t work, but he still felt the love. That night a lot of kind friends met up with us at Avondale Brewery. There are three amazing restaurants in the area (Post Office Pies, Saw’s Soul Kitchen, and Wasabi Juan’s), so we all got food to go and ate at the brewery. It was such a wonderful night. Some of Birmingham’s best food, some of Birmingham’s best beer, and some of Birmingham’s best people loving and celebrating my husband = one of my favorite nights in Birmingham!

Processed with VSCOcam with e2 preset -70

Saturday: Dwight’s mom came in town to continue the celebrations with us. We spent the day going to some of Dwight’s favorite places. Big Bad Breakfast, Hop City and Bottle and Bone are just a few of the places he picked. Earlier in the week we thought Saturday would be filled with tornado warnings, but the bad weather passed us and it ended up being a really beautiful day. We finished the night at The Southern with cocktails and banana pudding creme brulee. Yes, it was delicious.

-63 -58-59 -65

Sunday: We ate lunch at Five Bar for the first time. Hands down my favorite place we ate over the weekend. Dwight and I have been talking about eating there for forever and we finally took the plunge. It has an old fashioned, New Orleans feel to it. Plus they had a jazz band, so I was sold from the moment I could hear the music. I have already asked Dwight to take me back for my birthday dinner ;). The rest of the afternoon was spent doing homework, blogging, and eating left over cake. Our night ended with my birthday week surprise for Dwight: popping popcorn on the stove and watching his movies of choice. Movie nights on the couch are some of our favorite nights.

  -68 -69-67

Weekend discoveries: Charles Ellis Sartorial. Fashion Revolution.

I’ll be busy sewing Tilly’s Lilou dress this week with my fabric from Mood. Keep an eye out, I’ll be sharing it with you sometime soon!

Do anything fun or discover anything exciting this weekend? I’d love to hear!

Enjoy your day!

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