Let’s Be Friends: how did you get your start?

Creating is in my bones. I never believed it was there when I was growing up. Being creative was for all the people I thought were better than me. Thankfully people were placed in my life to plant little seeds that helped my creativity grow.

My very first memory of thinking about sewing was in a Goodwill store with my mentor Jennie. We made a lunch stop on our way home from summer or winter camp and several of us decided to shop for a bit. I found this wonderful teal skirt. I remember showing it to Jennie and because it appeared a little long on me – because most things seem long on a 5′ girl – she suggested I hem it. Hem it? Well I had never thought of that. All of a sudden I started envisioning this hemmed skirt and adding lace to this newly hemmed skirt. Well a lot of time passed and I never hemmed the skirt. Still haven’t, but that’s because I actually like it as it is.


My first year of marriage we lived in Jackson, TN. In this little town lives a woman who exudes creativity. Her name is Lisa. There was always something about her that seemed to awaken the creativity in me, I just never knew what to do with it. I remember her wearing an outfit she had upcycled and I thought (still think) she was so cool. She now owns an online shop called Garner Blue. Check it out and bask in all the creativity and coolness. During our time in Jackson I kept telling Dwight, “I think I want to sew. Yeah, that could be really fun.” My mom came in town one day and I progressed by having her teach me to sew on a button. Go me! After one year in Jackson we moved to Birmingham. The itch to sew lingered. So I reached out to Lisa seeking advice, though I think what I really wanted was advice that didn’t require hard work. In less words she kindly and straightforwardly told me to just get started, buy a machine and start sewing. So that Christmas my mother-in-law bought me my first sewing machine.


I let that baby sit there until August. Shame on me. Finally, after some pushes from my husband, I said farewell to the fear and laziness that was holding me back. At the end of August I signed up for classes at The Smocking Bird. Me taking a sewing class filled with people I didn’t know! This was all around a huge step for my character. We met for 4 Mondays in a row. Typically the class teaches you how to sew baby clothes. Well baby wasn’t on my brain so I asked if I could sew a shirt for myself. Kay, the instructor, happily said yes and I set out to sew my very first garment! If you are looking for beginner sewing classes in Birmingham I highly recommend you check out The Smocking Bird. The shirt I made is still one of my favorites. It’s a bit big now, but the fabric is insanely cute. I wish I had yards of it to make skirts, dresses, shirts, basically anything you might wear.

-74 -77

Through all of this I learned I love to create. Sometimes the actual process of sewing can overwhelm me because I still have much to learn, but I love envisioning what I’m making, picking out the fabric, and seeing the finished garment. Sewing brings me a sense of fulfillment I have never felt before, it feels natural, it feels right.


So that’s how I started to sew! I’d love to hear your story! How did you get into sewing? Or if you’re not into sewing how did you get involved in your craft or favorite hobby?!?

Keep creating and being you!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends: how did you get your start?

  1. Such a great post, thank you for sharing your story. For year’s I’d been saying that I wanted to learn to sew. Finally I took a class without knowing I would be taking a class. My daughter’s took a class 5 year’s ago. The first thing they made was a pillow case. I was going to wait outside the class for them to finish. I noticed the teacher looking frantic about being out numbered by the students. So, I volunteered to help. As I was helping I was learning and I’ve never looked back. Like you I still have alot to learn but I’m really enjoying it. I enjoy the creative process and seeing an idea come to life.


    • I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s so neat to see how people fall into the wonderful world of sewing. How kind of you to help out that teacher, but little did you know she was actually helping you find your love for sewing. :)

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  2. what a wonderful post., i started when my husband, ( bf at that time ) bought me a machine as a gift out of nowhere., i watch the cd it came with for the basic straight and zigzag stitch then the next day i went to my sister who sew to give me basic lesson she taught me how to sew with the elastic thread so within the second day of my machine, i made myself a dress., i feel so proud of myself and that started my sewing hobby,


    • How nice of your husband! It sounds like you’re a fast learner! It still takes me a week or more, partly due to a busy schedule, to finish a project. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m so glad you discovered your love for sewing.

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      • they said its maybe in the bloodline., my grandma is a sewer and i nevet sew anything before., and maybe because i got excited by the fact that i can make my own dress., and i didnt really sleep that night to finish the dress.,

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