Bustling in Birmingham

Some weekends seem simple, like this past one. But for me it was full and rich with people I love and admire.

Friday: It was a calmer evening for the Davis family. We had a romantic dinner at Whole Foods :). They usually have a great variety of healthy and yummy foods. Plus you can always count on Whole Foods to be handing out samples. Dwight actually suggested we buy a silver dish and daily have cheese samples in our home – he might be on to something. We ended the night by getting cozy and watching The Flash.

Saturday: I had the privilege of being invited to a wedding shower for my friend Cari. She currently lives in Jackson, TN but since her family lives in the Birmingham area they threw a shower for her here, which made me so happy. I thought this would be a great opportunity to sew something to go with her gift. I didn’t have her measurements or a ton of time, so I decided to make another Brigitte scarf. For the fabric I went with the apple fabric leftover from when I made Julie the Clemence skirt. I thought the style of the scarf and the fabric would suit her very well. It’s a simple pattern, but I was really proud of how quickly I made it. I remember how long it took me to make the scarf in January and it was nice to see how far I’ve come. After the shower, Dwight met up with us at The Abbey, a new coffee shop in Avondale. Their concept is really neat. On the door the sign says: Sinners. Saints. Coffee. They have a partnership with the Episcopal Diocese in Alabama and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham. I appreciate their view of community and having a space where people can gather to discuss their faith. I wouldn’t be against going back there, but Revelator still has my coffee heart. We enjoyed some good conversation with Cari and seeing a Jackson face. That night we babysat for some friends of ours who have three little ones. It was a joy and always good practice for us. Seeing Dwight and all three of them piled on the couch reading made me excited for what may be in our future.

-80 -79 -78

Sunday: After church we ate lunch at Sushi Village with two of Birmingham’s finest people. Whenever I think about eating sushi in Birmingham that’s where I want to go. The rest of the day continued with our normal Sunday routine: getting cozy and watching our Sunday Show, which happened to be more of The Flash.

Weekend Discoveries: Seamwork. Cotton and Steel.

I’d love to hear about your weekend and the wonderful things you love about your city!

Happy Monday and Happy May!

4 thoughts on “Bustling in Birmingham

  1. I checked out the other Avondale coffee shop, Satellite (Connected to Saturn)! It was pretty great, I think you would like it (at least for the fact it serves Stumptown).


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