Project 9 In Progress

My life is so full. It’s crazy and hectic and beautiful. So many wonderful things have been happening this month… but it’s kept me from sewing. My Lilou dress has been lying in the same place for over a week. Sometimes I look over at it imagining it’s already finished and I’m twirling around in it.


I can’t lie, this dress has really scared me. I can talk all I want about being busy, but I also know I’ve been avoiding it. The Lilou dress requires a lining. It’s also super cute. I’m afraid that once I start sewing it will become a mess, and my visions of twirling around in it won’t come true. I’m scared of the lining, the invisible zipper, and fitting the top around my shoulders and back properly. But I’m determined to overcome these fears. They will have no hold on me! Thankfully I have some resources to help me out. I plan to watch one of my Craftsy classes on sewing invisible zippers. I will also reread Tilly’s instructions in Love at First Stitch about how to combine pattern sizes.

-84 -85

In Tilly’s book she offers a few options on how to make the Lilou dress unique. I’m choosing to scallop the neckline and gather the skirt. Originally her pattern calls to pleat the skirt and scoop the neckline. One of my favorite things about gathering the skirt is that I’ve already done it! I will be making the Clemence skirt again, but without the waistband. I’ll simply use my Clemence pattern and attach the skirt to the bodice.

My goal is to have the Lilou dress and a maxi skirt finished by next Saturday. Think I can do it? I sure hope so.

Here are some pictures of what’s been keeping me busy. They include my love graduating with his M.Div and Birmingham Fashion Week! (Pictures from BFW soon!)

-81 -82

-88 -83

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