Bustling in Birmingham: BFW

As I mentioned in my previous post, life has been kind of crazy lately. One of the things that made life crazy, yet made it so great, was that I attended Birmingham Fashion week.

-89 -90

I had never been to a fashion show before going to BFW. I was only able to buy a ticket for one out of the three nights, so I chose to go on Thursday, opening night, because the designers excited me most. Two of the designers were Michelle Lesniak and Gunnar Deatherage. They were both on Project Runway All Stars this past season – the season that I got so into in January. I was able to see two really incredible collections from them. One thing I learned is that showing your collection is so much more than just models walking down the runway, it’s a performance. From the cohesiveness of the collection, to the music, down to the way the models have been instructed to walk, it all matters. I thought Gunnar did all of these things incredibly well. When his last model came out, he had done such a good job at drawing me in that I wasn’t ready for it to be over.

-91 -92

It was also really neat to see middle school and high school designers, as well as some college designers. It just amazed me to see what they came up with, especially the college students. Even the collections I didn’t like I couldn’t bring myself to speak badly of because it was clear the designer had put so much effort and heart into their designs. It truly was an inspiring night.

 -94 -93 -95

I left BFW being motivated to work harder and push myself. Next big step for me will be pattern making… then maybe one day I’ll be a part of BFW.

Cheers to all you dreamers.

PS – Runway pictures taken by Liz, my lovely friend in the picture with me.


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