Bustling in Birmingham 

Rest is in my future, but this weekend was packed full with goodness. I turned the big 27. I’ll just put it out there, I love my birthday. And so far the fear of growing old hasn’t hit me. 

-112 -111 

I felt a lot of love from family and friends this past weekend. I also got to do some of my favorite things. We ate at Five Bar again, after discovering it’s deliciousness on Dwight’s birthday. We split the crab stuffed shrimp. Oh my goodness, best meal I’ve had in a while. It came with a side salad and risotto that was just as amazing. If you live in Birmingham don’t miss out on this place. We also went to ArcLight Stories (now ARC Stories) where we heard some pretty wonderful, funny and moving stories. I always love this experience. If you want to find an event where people are open and honest about their true life experiences this is the place for you. 

-113 -109   

Some sewing gifts I got for my bday: pinking shears, The Pattern Making Primer (designer Pamela is on her way!), and Buffi’s Dress Design filled with 30 different style dresses I can make. Yay me! Some non-sewing gifts: cute dress (I’m wearing it in the pictures above), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 4, and Ingrid Michaelson tickets!! 


Weekend Discovery: Wearing History

Here’s a sneak peek at the rest of my May fabrics if you haven’t already seen them on Instagram. Can’t wait to make these into fun goodies! 


Happy Monday! 


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