Project #10

This project was simple but so fun! I made a maxi skirt! It’s my second time to make one, but this one has a much more exciting purpose. This maxi is to be my coverup while I’m on a cruise to the Bahamas! Wahoo!! Finally Dwight and I get some rest and it gave me a great reason to make a maxi skirt. 

-106 -107 

I used instructions I found on Pinterest. In reality they weren’t really great, but I was crunched for time so I went with it. After I finished sewing the side seams I tried the skirt on to discover it wouldn’t even come over my hips. Oops :). I ended up cutting off about 6 inches from the top. It doesn’t fold anymore at the waist like I wanted, but it fits! I think it’ll be a great coverup for this trip. Plus I’ll have something I made with me on the cruise. 

 -118 -117

Most of these pictures are of me channelling cruise Pamela; lots of sun bathing and pondering how happy I am will definitely be going on. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

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