Bustling On High Seas And With Old Friends

Anyone want a vacation tip? Here’s mine: plan your trip a year in advance. Pay it off throughout the year (if it’s the kind of trip you can) and let your excitement grow. When you spend a year waiting for it, your trip feels well earned and you’ll be ready to savor every moment. We got back from our cruise this past Friday, the cruise we had been waiting for since last July. We’ve both said out of all the vacations we’ve been on it’s one of our favorites. Time really seemed to slow down and we got to enjoy escaping from the busyness of life. The days seemed so long that whatever we had done in the morning felt like something we had done the day before.

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We were aboard the Disney Dream. It was a four night cruise with stops in Nassau, Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) and a day at sea. It was the perfect taste to show us that we definitely want a seven night cruise next time :). The ship was beautiful. The staff did an amazing job at making us feel taken care of and welcome. There was plenty of adult only spaces for us since we weren’t traveling with any kids. We got to meet some extremely nice people – staff and guest alike. We also got to enjoy some wonderful food, including a fine dining French restaurant where we were served seven courses plus a few surprise courses! We were definitely stuffed by the end of that meal, but it was amazing. I would recommend a Disney cruise to anyone: young, old, with kids, without kids. It was a wonderful experience.

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After driving twelve hours home on Friday, we got right back in the car to drive four hours to Memphis and four back home. A dear old friend got married on Saturday. My body did not like getting back in the car again so quickly, but my heart would not let me miss this special occasion. Katye has always been a picture of kindness and grace to me. It was an honor and joy to witness such an important day in her life.

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A huge bonus that came with Katye’s wedding was getting to see some of my best friends from Memphis. These girls, including Katye, feel more like family to me than friends. Even though college, marriages, jobs, and just life have drawn us in different directions, even though it had been years since I’d actually heard some of their voices, we have a deep bond that I believe (and I hope) we’ll have all our lives. There is something beautiful about having friends who, even though I’ll continue to grow and change throughout life, will always know the core of who I am. I wish that night could have lasted much longer, that we all could have sneaked the bride away and gone to sit on her bed to chat until the wee hours of the morning. But I’m thankful that just for a moment I got to hear them talk, and laugh, and wrap my arms around these women I’ve loved for so long.

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Weekend Discovery: Vintage Made.

Obviously I didn’t get much sewing done, but I was asked a lot at the wedding if I made my dress. I didn’t, but it made me happy to be asked :).

My Cruise Song: Moon River – this was always playing on the channel that showed our route. My Wedding Song: Save Part of Yourself – this came on in the car when I was leaving Memphis and it just seemed so fitting.

Happy Memorial Day! …and hopefully happy resting!

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