Bustling in Birmingham

Highlights from this weekend include new places, music, a productive Saturday morning full of sewing plans, and a goodbye party. On Thursday night Dwight and I went to Saturn, a new music venue in Avondale, to see Sugar and the Hi-lows. We saw them once before about 4 years ago in Jackson, TN and have loved them since. The whole night was a success. We got some drinks at Satellite, the coffee shop/bar attached, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. If you’re looking for a fun place to grab a cup of joe or a good drink, for sure check out Satellite. On Friday night we got to enjoy another show; for my birthday, my parents gave me Ingrid Michaelson tickets. Oh Honey and Jukebox the Ghost opened for her. We felt like we got to see three really good bands for the price of one. Saturday was busy, but full of Birmingham favorites. We spent a good 3 to 4 hours at Seeds drinking coffee and working. Dwight did some theology reading (surprise) and I read one of my sewing books. We ate lunch at Eli’s Jerusalem Grill-amazing! And we finished the night sending off a friend, who is moving to Portland, in style. She blessed us with her mad karaoke skills and hopefully she felt our love for her. Sunday was spent in the 90’s… aka we spent all day watching Twin Peaks. Anyone else obsessed with this show? We can’t get enough. Thankful we had a day to just lounge around considering the rest of our weekend was so full.

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Now to my sewing plans and reading… Dwight always goes to a coffee shop on Saturdays to read or write and every now and then I’ll join him. I enjoyed packing a little bag full of reading materials, calendars, journals, and sketchbooks. It makes me feel too cool. The book I brought with me was Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers. One of it’s authors went to church with us until she recently moved. I’m thankful for this book because it truly is helpful and now it’s a way she can still be around even though she is many miles away. I read through a chapter I had read once before that talks about patterns, how to place them on the fabric, transfer notches, etc. It was funny because I had underlined certain sentences but I really had no memory of reading them. Now that I’ve had a little bit more experience sewing it’s easier to grasp what’s being said. I think I had no memory of reading this chapter before because the first time around I couldn’t fully comprehend it. It’s neat to read it now and think “oh yeah, I totally get that.” But I also had moments where I thought “Oh, the grainline really is important.” If you’re wanting to be a professional designer I’d highly recommend this book. I would also recommend it to someone who simply wants to make his or her own clothes. We have a friend who uses it to make his cosplay costumes, so see, it’s good for all levels and people. :)

-141 -142-146

This month I’m excited to be joining in the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month. I’m hoping to enter the New-To-Me challenge within the Indie Pattern Month, but it all depends on when my pattern arrives in the mail. It’s a Named pattern, but I’ll keep which one a secret for now :). I’ve also got some exciting news coming up soon… a giveaway perhaps? We shall see. Stay tuned!

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