Sharing My Machine and the In Between

Do you ever have this perfect plan to sew and finish a project and then suddenly it’s Thursday and you haven’t sewn a thing? That was me this week. I had planned on sewing my first Named pattern, but my afternoons and nights filled up before the pattern even arrived in the mail. Summer has been just as busy as the rest of the year. It’s a more playful kind of busy though, so I’m ok with it.

I was able to share my sewing machine this week. Maybe I didn’t get to sew, but my friend Liz did!

-152 -150-149

When she saw my Project #11 post she got excited to sew her husband some bow ties… and I think he got excited about it too :). Liz grew up with her mom sewing so she didn’t really need my help, but it was super fun to have someone else around sewing and creating. I’m also excited to showcase some of her work, even if she doesn’t want to make a career or huge hobby out of sewing. I love her fabric choices! He’s going to be looking so fly. Which fabric is your favorite? She’s definitely inspired me to make my husband some more bow ties!

-151 unnamed

Here’s the “big” reveal of my fabric and pattern choice for Indie Pattern Month! I have a plan to have them finished and a blog post done by next Thursday. I can’t wait to rock these yellow pants for the rest of the summer months!


One thought on “Sharing My Machine and the In Between

  1. I love both of Liz’s fabric choices! The bow tie looks so great.

    So excited to see how those pants turn out! Bright pants are the best…and yellow is a fabulous color.

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