Project #12

Ever finish sewing a garment and think, “Well that didn’t go as planned.”? This was my reaction when I finished my Alexandria Trousers. I was pumped to make these in my bright yellow fabric. I would picture myself going in to work wearing them and some cute black heels, even though seeing me in heels is like seeing a blue moon. But alas, the pants did not turn out how I imagined. Overall I had a wonderful time making them, but with reasons I’ll explain below, they aren’t the pants I’d hoped they’d be. I also had planned to post these on the Monthly Stitch for Indie Pattern Month in the New-To-Me category. Time slipped away from me though and I chose to opt out this June. Now don’t you worry, I’m determined to participate next June!

-153 -156

This was my first time using a pattern other than Tilly’s (if you don’t count my bow tie) since February! I had gotten so used to her style and pictures that the Named pattern kind of threw me for a loop. I suddenly had drawings instead of pictures and instructions that didn’t clearly walk me through each step. I felt good at the start. I cut the pattern out right, cut the fabric out right, even got the legs together and the pockets on! …Except I did mess the pockets up a little. But then there were two corner pieces that went on the front of the trousers and attached at the crotch (I assume). These pieces totally messed with me. Unless I overlooked something, I never saw in the pattern instructions what I was supposed to do with them. Based on the drawings I figured out where they went. When I started sewing the crotch seam everything was going great. It was one of my moments where I start unconsciously holding my breath because I’m so nervous something is about to go wrong. When I turned the trousers right side out they actually weren’t that bad, except for the two corner pieces didn’t match up just right. I tried and tried to fix it but finally gave up. This gives the trousers, what I like to call, a hot air balloon look. There’s so much poofiness going on in the front there’s no way I’ll be wearing my shirt tucked in. I tried to get a good picture of it, but trust me, the poof is there. Maybe I should have added pockets in the front too…maybe that’s where I went wrong? My choice of fabric probably wasn’t the best either. I hid it pretty well in the pictures (I hope) but the fabric is very see-through. Unless I wear a long shirt I won’t be wearing these pants at all.

-161 -160

Despite the whole corner piece fiasco and all the see-throughness I really enjoyed making the Alexandria Trousers. It was good for me to get out of my Tilly bubble and try something new. I also learned that I really enjoy making pants! There weren’t as many steps so I didn’t feel as intimidated. Once I actually started sewing it only took me two nights to make them. When zippers or sleeves are involved it always takes me at least 4 nights. I also had to use elastic for the first time! I surprisingly enjoyed that too and I’m really happy with how the waistband turned out. I’ll definitely make these again. I might try to find a way to leave out the corner pieces – any advice on how to do that would be awesome or advice on how to sew them properly! I’ll also buy darker and less see-through fabric. Now that I have made them once I think I’ll feel more confident the next go round.

-158 -157

If you’ve made the Alexandria Trousers before I’d love to hear about your experience making them! My hope is to make some that look as cute as the ones on the website or as cute as Eveli’s. Here’s to dreaming! :)

6 thoughts on “Project #12

  1. I love the picture with your little sad face and glasses! But, from what I see, they look great! Keep on keeping on….you are amazing!


  2. This looks like a fun pattern – I hadn’t really taken a look at it before. Are the “corner pieces” part of a crotch gusset, like you would see on athletic apparel? Doing a search for tips on that could help.


  3. Based on your pictures the pants look pretty good. Pants are hard. I’ve been sewing for four years and feel pretty confident but I won’t attempt pants. I tried to make jeans for my boyfriend once and it was a total disaster. I should probably work up the courage again to try a pants pattern for myself but the thought just isn’t all that appealing to me.


    • Well thank you! I guess it isn’t really fair that in the pictures I hid the bad part of the pants with my shirt. It was right below my waist where things got ugly. I think I did something wrong while sewing the crotch. Craftsy has a few classes that teach you how to make jeans! I bet that would be fun and then you could make yourself custom jeans. I feel like most women dream of having custom jeans… maybe some men too.


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