Let’s Be Friends: creative space

I never realized how much my surroundings impact me until I started consistently sewing. My husband and I live in a two bedroom townhouse. Our second bedroom is a guest bedroom/office with books pouring out of it. Needless to say, all my sewing is done in the living room and dining room. After dinner our dining table magically becomes my cutting table and ironing board. My husband is usually about 10 feet away from me reading, watching TV, or playing a video game. As much as I love him, this is not the ideal environment for my sewing.

Blogging and Sketching Area "Cutting Table"

I got into a sewing groove while Dwight was in NYC this past January. I usually left the table set up like it was my permanent sewing space. It would be clean but I’d keep my sewing machine out along with my iron, fabric, and sewing supplies. The nights I did get to sew during those two weeks I’d fill our home with Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, or Sam Cooke Pandora stations. I’d usually have some type of beverage close by – coffee, hot tea, or wine depending on my mood. Those two weeks I got to create an environment in our home that made me feel creative, an environment that helped me be efficient in my sewing. It also probably helped that I didn’t have the presence of my handsome husband tempting me to drop what I was doing and join him on the couch for cuddling and a movie. ;)

Ambition Sewing Space

When Dwight got home I realized how important having your own sewing space is.. or having personal space for any kind of creating. Right now that’s not possible for me. I’m thankful for a husband who does his best in our little place to help me cultivate a creative environment, but I know we both can’t wait until the day when he has his own office to write and read theology and I have my own sewing studio. That day may never come, but I like to dream.

If I had my own studio it would look a lot like this: I’d have a small desk on top of a comfy rug where I would do all of my blogging and website updating, because in this scenario I have already launched my own clothing line. There would be lots of natural light and therefore lots of windows, because sunshine and rain make me happy. There would be a comfy couch and chairs to sit and chat. A nice big cutting table with bright, colorful stools around it; bright colors are a necessity. And there would always be music. Most likely indie pop or 60s soul music would be playing, I’ve discovered these get me in creative moods.

Maybe one day this dream will become a reality, but for now I enjoy the dream and I do what I can with what I’ve been given. What gets your creativity flowing? What does your creative space look like or if you had your own space what would be some “must haves” for you?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends: creative space

  1. I sew in my dining room, too, except I have claimed it as mine and set it up as a permanent sewing space. We eat at the kitchen counter or on the couch as we watch tv. It would be lovely to have a cutting table though and some room to spread out. But I have to say that I, like you, find the most time to sew when my partner is away!


  2. I really really think you should turn the guest room into a sewing room. How often does your guest room really get used anyway? When we moved from Minneapolis to Lexington, lower rent meant we could rent a 3 bedroom house as opposed to a one bedroom apartment. With a dedicated sewing space, my sewing has really taken off. Just do it. You can find somewhere else to stash or sell those books. You’ll be so happy you did.


    • You’re so right! I think about doing that all the time! We have a few consistent family members and friends that visit and I hate the thought of not having a place for them to stay. We will potentially be moving in a year and I really hope our next home will have a designated sewing space for me. Thanks for your advice!


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