Davy College

When I started my adventure in sewing, like hunkered down really started this past January, I had no specific plans except to sew as much as I possibly could. As the months progressed I realized I wanted more, I wanted to gain knowledge/skill in sewing and in design. The past six months I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve been frustrated I’m not in a place physically or financially to go back to school. I’ve also had moments where I’ve been frustrated I didn’t major in art or fashion design while I was in college. I still think 18 is too young to ask a kid what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Sometimes I fear I missed my “prime”. I try to tell myself it’s never too late to have new dreams or try new things. And not trying isn’t an option… that would be worse than failing. Nowadays (I say that like I’ve been around for a long time) we have so many resources at our fingertips. Since Dwight has finished Divinity school I’ve decided to go back to school in the only way I can right now, and that way is to home school myself. Is this cheesy/lame? I’m such a planner that If I don’t have a specific plan I won’t follow through, so I have made myself a fall semester using resources like Craftsy, other online courses, and fashion textbooks. I’ve decided to call my “school” Davy College. More cheesiness?

One school I would actually love to attend is O’More College of Design in Nashville, TN. I looked up the courses they require fashion design students to take and made my schedule based off of those courses. I tried my best to pick courses required for first year students. I also plan to finish taking some of my Craftsy classes this summer and then adding a few to my fall schedule. I have bought several textbooks, mentioned in my last post, that I will be using as well.

Davy College: Fall Semester

Figure Drawing/Sketching: Resources – Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide, Figure Drawing for Fashion Design, and Fashion Design Drawing Course

Intro to Fashion/History of Fashion: Resources – The World of Fashion and The Complete Fashion Sourcebook.

Fashion Merchandising: Resources – Fashion: From Concept to Consumer and The World of Fashion (still looking for some other books to use as well)

Sewing/Construction: Resources – Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers and Mastering Construction: Foundation Techniques

Personal Sewing Projects: these will be projects I chose to keep myself sewing when a book or class might not require any sewing

unnamed unnamed

So after reading my crazy story to put myself back in school by means of teaching myself, what do you think? If you are self-taught would you mind sharing any recommendations or thoughts you have with me? I’m not one of those who picks talents up quickly and I’m working on being disciplined. I’m really excited when I think about it, but I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work if I want to see results. So all you self-taught seamstresses and fashion designers, your words of wisdom are welcome here! And anyone else too. :)

19 thoughts on “Davy College

  1. Omg….this is fantastic. I can relate to your story so well. At 18 going off to college….I thought I knew what I wanted to do but in all honesty, how could I with so little life experience. I am self-taught as well. I have taken a few classes at my local fabric store but I get most of my information from books and online videos. Your idea for homeschooling is fantastic. I had no idea when I started sewing that I would love it so much!!! Like you I want to learn all I can about the many aspects of fashion & design. You can learn at your own pace….focus on the areas that require more attention etc.


    • It’s so nice knowing there is someone out there who can relate to this! Where I live doesn’t offer a ton of sewing classes. We may be moving in a year and I hope wherever we go next has some shops with really good options for classes! I hope you have a great learning experience and hopefully our lack of a fashion design degree won’t hinder us one bit!

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  2. Love it. Let me know what classes/books you recommend. Maybe I’ll join your college. I’m self-taught, too, and learned from my aunt and local community ed. courses. I’ve taken some craftsy classes and I think they’re a good value. I’d recommend 40 Sewing Tips for Beginnings.


    • I’m planning to take the 40 Sewing Tips for Beginners this summer! I’ll keep you posted with my favorite resources. Also, I just realized you are the proud maker of my favorite Peony from The Monthly Stitch’s IPM! The short sleeve version is so wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


  3. I just discovered your blog by accident and I love it! I’m teaching myself to sew also. I’m going to try sewing my through Tilly’s book but it may take a while with a full time job in nursing, on-line classes, and family. I love your Davy College idea and look forward to following your progress.
    Good luck!👗👖👕👚


    • Oh, I’m so glad you found your way here! It’s nice knowing there are more people out there learning to sew in the middle of an already full life. I loved my experience going through Tilly’s book. It was so helpful, plus I love the style of all the patterns! I hope you have a wonderful experience too! Thanks for stopping by!


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