What’s Left of Summer and What Fall Will Bring

This past Saturday I sat in a coffee shop watching the Craftsy class Mastering Zippers and becoming overwhelmed with gratitude towards Craftsy. I’m very visual, so having the opportunity to watch someone sew a zipper over and over again is huge for me. The rest of this summer will be filled with Craftsy classes. My plan is to watch classes I’m already enrolled in before the fall starts. Those classes include: re-watching Machine Basics, Machine Feet, 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know, and Underneath it all.

I also have 4 projects I’d like to finish before the fall. My brother and sister-in-law will be visiting in a few weekends (Yay!) and I’m going to make my sister-in-law, Amanda, and I blouses using Tilly and The Buttons patterns. I will be making Amanda the Mathilde and making myself the Mimi Blouse. I’m so excited about this and hopefully the pictures we’ll get to take! To keep with the letter M theme, I’m also going to make myself a Mesa dress from Seamwork. It’s supposed to be a one hour project so I thought it’d be a fun, fast way to have a new dress! Finally I’m going to finish up on the Mimi Blouse I started forever ago for my friend Julie. Apparently starting and stopping projects is not good for me because I just push them aside for months. So by the end of summer I hope to have 4 new sewing projects to reflect on, enjoy, and post!

As I mentioned in my last post, in the fall I’ll be attending Davy College, aka homeschooling myself. My blog will look a bit different during this time. I have myself scheduled to only make 4 sewing projects during the end of August – November. My sewing class is scheduled for Thursday evenings. I will take my time and be intentional with every step of the sewing process. My hope is to have 4 garments I have sewn well and can proudly wear. The patterns I have chosen for the fall are as follows: Arielle Skirt from Tilly and The Buttons, Jumpsuit from Vogue, Smooth Sailing Trousers from Wearing History, and the Andy Coat from Named.

I’m so excited about what’s ahead for me and DavyMade. If you happen to be taking any of these Craftsy classes during the summer or using any of these patterns throughout the summer or fall I’d love to keep in touch. We can encourage each other, help each other out and share our projects! I’ll also be taking the Craftsy class Mastering Construction in the fall. If you want to learn or sew with me just let me know!

8 thoughts on “What’s Left of Summer and What Fall Will Bring

  1. Wow, you’re so organised! I have no idea what I’ll be sewing tomorrow let alone September. That said, I’m hoping to make a Mimi blouse next, I love that pattern.
    Great to have some Craftsy recommendations, I can never decide which ones to buy so I’ll be adding some of those to my wishlist.


    • Well I think I make myself be that organized because I want this to be my career. If it was a hobby I did on the side of my career I’d probably just sew whatever whenever I felt like it. :) I’m so glad you’ll be making a Mimi blouse as well! I hope you love the outcome! And with Craftsy I always say to start with the free classes, then take the next one you need the most. Many of them look fun but, for example, I personally need more basic classes before I jump into jeans or couture. :)


      • Hmm yes that’s a good excuse for being disorganised :) I’ve only taken a couple, but my favourite Craftsy course so far is Sew the Perfect fit, which I’d totally recommend. I have a tendency to jump into something exciting looking and then realise I’m trying to run before I can walk, so I think it would be good to watch some of those basic classes. Have you had any fitting issues with Mimi? Or is it coming up a good fit without alterations?

        P.S. I had an email earlier that you’d like to see my blog, which made me realise that WordPress has been linking all my comments to my old blog since May! I think I’ve fixed it now, but just in case, I’m at summersunbear.com Thank you for making me aware of that (and thank you for clicking through)!


      • I have Sew the Perfect Fit on my wishlist! Hoping to take it some time soon. I haven’t started the Mimi yet, I’ll do that this coming Monday. I’ll keep you posted on any fitting issues! And you are so welcome for making you aware of the blog mix up. I found your’s and I’m now a follower. :)


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