Mathilde In Progress

First things first, can I just say a big thank you to Tilly for everything she is doing for the self-taught/DIY seamstress? Let’s talk about her patterns. Up until now every T&TB pattern I’ve used has been from Love at First Stitch. When the Mathilde pattern arrived in the mail I expected it to be like most patterns… everything in black and white, little drawings to sort of help me. Oh no, Tilly went the extra mile, there are actual pictures in her instructions. AND the instructions come in booklet form, so no unfolding and folding an oversized, thin piece of paper you aren’t quite sure where to lay while sewing. HOORAY! Also, after folding the pattern back up it fit perfectly in the sleeve! Seriously, that never happens. I just want to buy all of her patterns now. Thank you, Tilly! Thank you for making sewing easier and taking away some of my stress!

Mathilde Pattern Instructions

This week has really tried my motivation. It’s been full of going away parties (I’ve been wearing waterproof mascara for three days) and moments with sweet friends I can’t bear to miss. I’m also on a time crunch to finish this blouse by Friday afternoon… plus have a clean house. What do you do when all of these things are important to you? Well, my only solution is less sleep. But less sleep is worth it every once in awhile, right? As long as grumpy Pamela stays away.

Here’s the sneak peek of the Mathilde!

Mathilde in Progress

I’m hoping it perfectly fits my sister-in-law. I’ve never sewn a blouse for someone. Thankfully she and I are similar in size, but there’s still a good part of me that’s nervous. However, there is also a good part of me that can’t wait to finish and cutely fold it on our guest bed for her.

The tucks were new for me, but similar enough to darts. I wasn’t too afraid of them. The back opening is a bit frightening, as well as the buttons. My goal is to work fast enough I finish in time, but slow enough the blouse looks as professional as possible.

Mathilde  Mathilde Tucks

Thankful for this opportunity to sew for someone I love and cherishing all the moments making my life so full right now!

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