Inspiring Blogger Award: Inspired that I Inspired Someone


No, this is not my Mimi and Mathilde post, but I promise it’s coming! I was sitting here trying to figure out what I wanted my next post to be while I wait for the M&M post to be ready. I noticed I was getting some referrals from H’s Handcrafts, so I beep bopped over to her blog to find out why. Then my heart warmed with gratitude because she nominated me for the inspiring blogger award. Me? I’ve seen this on some other blogs and never ever expected I would get it. I strive to make my blog enjoyable for readers, but I know a lot of what’s on here, mainly me keeping track of my sewing progress, may not interest many others.

This award comes with some rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Display the award logo in a blog entry.
  3. List the award guidelines so your nominees will know what to do.
  4. State 7 hidden facts about yourself OR 3 things that inspire you.
  5. Nominate other blogger friends for the award.

Thank you so much H’s Handcrafts! Your comments and presence on my blog have always been an encouragement to me and now this has encouraged me even more! If you don’t follow her blog you should check it out! She’s so talented AND getting her PhD while she does all this crafting. Hats off to her! Look at her polka dot trousers, so cute!


Time to share 7 facts about myself…

  • I’m 80 at heart. I watch murder mystery shows from the 80s, I really wish I owned clip-on earrings, and if life allowed I’d go to bed at 8.
  • I love the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The music and style from these eras make my heart happy. I just feel at home with them. … and if we are talking music, 90s R&B is always a winner. A little Boyz II Men is good for the soul.
  • I’m a sucker for sci-fi/fantasy shows and movies. In the past 4 years my husband has really brought this out in me. I really do wish the Doctor was real.
  • I love to plan. One of my favorite parts about the sewing process is planning what pattern and fabric I will use, what days I will sew and for how long, etc. I also try to plan my life…but that never works out. :)
  • I’m very visual. This goes against me when someone brings up certain medical topics, but is in my favor when it comes to sewing. Sometimes picturing the finished project is just as rewarding for me as actually finishing it.
  • I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes. I never liked them growing up. One day a few years back I ate one and now I can’t stop. In fact I may go get some sweet potato fries right now…
  • I like to pretend I’m a famous jazz singer. Sometimes, even at 27, I’ll hold my hand up like it’s a mic and pretend I’m in some smokey old jazz club, spotlight making my sequined dress shimmer, singing my heart out.

Now it’s time for my nominations!

I’d like to start with See Carmen Sew. I first noticed her on The Monthly Stitch’s IPM. I was so impressed with her adorable Peony dress. I love seeing her makes and just the atmosphere on her blog.


Next I’d like to nominate Lucky Lucille. I can’t remember how I happened upon her blog, but it has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for me. She loves vintage styles and she’s very authentic… two things I can totally get behind.


Lastly I will nominate Summer Sun Bear. She has been so encouraging to me and her sewing projects are very inspiring. Check out her Mimi blouse. It’s beautiful! And her head scarf just makes it even better.

MimiSpots09Enjoy checking these bloggers out if you haven’t already! And thank you to all the other sewing bloggers and people who inspire me! I wouldn’t be where I am with my sewing if I was going it alone.

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