M&M Blouses: projects 13 and 14

The long-awaited Mimi and Mathilde blouses are here! (Minus pictures of Mathilde.) I’m still quite shocked I finished them. I’ve even moved on to new sewing projects… as you saw in my last post. Sometimes I get home from work and still walk to my dining room table to start working on one. Then I happily sigh once I remember they are all done. Not that I didn’t enjoy making them, but life was crazy busy while I was trying to sew them both. Plus it’s always more fun to have the finished product in hand.



I didn’t notice until I finished, but the collar is slightly off. Thankfully it’s not enough to bother me. It’s actually one of my favorite collars ever. I love looking at it from every angle. I chose to topstitch the sleeves. After I finished doing this I realized why Tilly suggested you hand sew them. I’m planning to go back and fix them, but for now I will happily wear my Mimi. I also ended up really loving the linen I used. My husband seems to love it too, considering he told me twice in the span of one minute how he thinks it’s great. And my all time favorite part about this blouse is the buttons! Do they not make you happy? From the bright colors to the sweet little duck, they are just wonderful. I’m mainly happy the blouse is wearable just so I get to enjoy the buttons.

Mimi MimiMimi Superhero Mimi

We call the last one Super Pamela. :)


I had so much fun making this blouse. I was on a high from making the Mimi and getting to sew something for Amanda, my sister-in-law. She has been in my life since I was ten. She taught me how to put on blush, consoled me after heart breaks, and stood by me at my wedding. Not only was I getting to do this for her, but it also meant she and my brother were coming to visit us! My original goal was to have the blouse ready when they arrived, alas this did not happen. Her life has been a bit busy so there are no pictures of Mathilde yet, but I really did make it :). Amanda and I will be together again in September so I hope to have some pictures for you then.Mathilde

My favorite thing about the Mathilde is either the buttons on the back or the sleeves. The sleeves are just so wonderful. I think I may have made one a little shorter than the other, but hopefully it isn’t too noticeable. The one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to keep the inside of the collar down. It lays flat when it’s on, but pops up on the hanger. I still haven’t figured out how to give collars a professional finish, but one day I will. The tucks on the front ended up being harder than I imagined. One side looks perfect while the other side did not want to cooperate. I’m thankful Amanda picked black fabric because it’s much more forgiving.

So those are the two M&M blouses! I hope you enjoyed seeing the finished Mimi and hearing about Mathilde. Here are a few pictures from the weekend when we all got to hang out. So thankful these two took some time to visit and check out Birmingham.

Family SILAvondale

Lastly I will leave you with a word from Amanda about us both choosing black fabric.

“Black isn’t always exciting or eventful, but it’s constant and something that is always in style, like our relationship. No matter how many years or life changes – it always works.”

Mimi Mathilde

15 thoughts on “M&M Blouses: projects 13 and 14

  1. Love those buttons! Well done on your Mathilde it looks great on you. Haven’t tried this pattern yet but it is on the ‘to do’ list…


  2. I never made it to the end of Mimi on the first round … I’m going to come back and give her another go though! I’m also a bit scared about pin tucks on Mimi … Let’s see what happens!


    • You can do it! I tried to make the Mimi once before and gave up half way through. Taking it one step at a time and not looking ahead was really helpful for me. I hope it goes great for you!


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