Project #15 In Progress

Oh, hello! I know I’ve been gone for a bit. There hasn’t been too much to blog about and I didn’t want to pester all of you with nonsense. I’m trying to get on a consistent blogging schedule… it hasn’t happened yet, but I will succeed.

Remember when I decided to do Davy College? Well, that has and hasn’t been taking up my time. I had a very strict schedule for myself but haven’t held to it as well as I’d hoped. I’m still pushing forward and slowly learning. I’ve been sketching a lot more, trying to educate myself in the world/history of fashion, and working on project #15. (I guess I could have named my projects something cooler than projects, but back when I started my blog it’s the first word that came to mind and consistency, right?)

Arielle Pattern Arielle Materials

Project #15 is Tilly’s Arielle skirt. I’m SO excited about this one. The fabric is absolutely wonderful. It’s a medium weight boucle from Sew Over It that has fantastic pops of color. Has anyone used boucle before? I’m a little nervous because it’s new to me. Nervous or not, I’ve already been picturing myself wearing this skirt with tights and little flats. It’s going to be great for winter, and probably still light enough for spring and fall. I have a cream lining and precious blue vintage buttons to help make it complete. Right now I have only cut the fabric and lining. This was my second time to blend sizes (I think). I’m really hoping the odds are in my favor. For some reason the word muslin keeps flashing in my mind…

Arielle Arielle Prep

Tonight I will transfer the markings and try to get through the first several steps. Since I’m only sewing on Thursday nights my goal is to have it finished by September 24th. If I had stayed on schedule I would have finished it tonight. I guess my second goal should be to stay focused. Maybe if I had some positive reinforcement… like every time I complete what’s on my schedule someone brings me a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie. Yes, I think that would be very helpful.

Well, until next time. Keep creating and dreaming!

8 thoughts on “Project #15 In Progress

  1. You amaze me! Even when you have to use the floor for your sewing! Can’t wait for the day when I can see you have your own sewing space! Future! For now – the floor! Keep pressing forward and enjoy!


  2. I had forgotten you were planning to make Arielle! I just traced my pattern pieces and bought some fabric for my own version ;) Will probably get started on the weekend.
    That boucle looks lovely, I’m sure it will behave itself! Good luck with it and definitely make sure you’re getting treated to plenty of cookies.


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