Bustling in Birmingham

Birmingham, I still love you. I will still applaud you and thank you for the happy memories you give me.

Friday: A new Friday favorite is that Dwight and I get off work at noon. This particular Friday we curled up on the couch and read for a good 3 hours. My book of choice was And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I love a good mystery. Later that evening we got to babysit two of the cutest kids in Birmingham… but to be honest our babysitting skills looked more like them sleeping and us watching The Mindy Project.

Saturday: I got a little sewing in by hemming a few pair of pants for a friend. It was actually my first paying gig. I’ve got to start somewhere, right? I did it by hand, which I have learned is very soothing for me. I don’t think I did too shabby of a job either. It was Hop City’s birthday, so that afternoon Dwight and I went to celebrate. We finally tried Off the Hook, a seafood food truck in Birmingham. I got the crab cake sliders and that was some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth. We finished the night at Arc Stories with friends. The author of Big Fish, Daniel Wallace, told a story and gave us a glimpse into his obsession with glass eyes… But anyway, if you live in Birmingham you should go to the next Arc Stories. The theme is Boo – Stories To Keep You Up At Night on October 10th.

Off the Hook

Yazoo  Hop City Daniel Wallace

Sunday: After church and a delicious lunch, we spent the afternoon watching The X-Files. This is what I call a very successful Sunday.

New Discoveries: Made By Rae and Creative Bug

ALSO, I purchased my first set of art pencils this week! I feel like a totally new person. Who is this girl sewing clothes and drawing figures? This is not the girl I grew up with. Thankful life makes us change; through good and hard experiences we are forced to keep moving and growing. So here I am with my new pencils, creating something new in my sketch book and in my life.


I hope you all had fantastic weekends! Get out there and enjoy your city. Thank you for stopping by!

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