Let’s Be Friend’s: what’s in a name?

I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentist office, eighteen years old(ish), reading A Severe Mercy. “Davy… Dearling, this – this illness – is maybe going to mean our parting – for awhile.” I began to weep. Not one minute later I was called back for my teeth to be cleaned. Of course they would call me then. My friend had loaned me her book, this beautiful book about the true story of a couple finding each other and finding God. You learn from the very beginning that Sheldon Vanauken, the author, is writing the book after he lost his wife. It was no surprise to me that she would pass, but the tears still flowed.A Severe MercyI’ve always felt a connection to Davy (Jean Davis) and have a very high admiration for her. Midway through the story Sheldon is struggling with his faith. He longs for Davy to love him more than she loves God, he longs for the way their relationship was before the Lord. During this time Davy’s faith is growing stronger and one night in prayer she offers her life for the sake of her husband’s faith. One year later, only in her 30s, she is diagnosed with an unknown liver disease. Whatever you may believe in, whatever may be the true reason Davy passed away, it’s hard to not look at her and see how selfless and loving she was.

When Dwight and I got together, and I had the joy of becoming a Davis, I remember being secretly excited for the potential to be nicknamed Davy… as if having that name would make me more like this strong, kind woman. When I was making my twitter handle after our wedding, @PamelaDavis was already taken. My husband or brother (fuzzy memory) recommended @PammyDavy. Sure enough it was available and thus began a new nickname for me. I didn’t expect it, but in person people started calling me Pammy Davy or even @PammyDavy.

A few years ago when I began dreaming of becoming a fashion designer I immediately knew I wanted to use the name Davy. I still remember being at work the moment I came up with DavyMade. At the time I thought I was being really original… now being in the sewing world I see the word made is used a lot. And there is nothing wrong with that, it makes total sense. I just laugh when I think about how original I felt. I’ve thought a lot about if I’ll drop Made whenever I start selling clothes, but one thing I know, I’ll always keep Davy. That name is a constant reminder to be more and yet be less, to be loving, faithful, and passionate. I hope wherever I may go in my career I do her name justice.

Van and Davy

How did you come up with the name of your blog/business? Whether it has deep meaning or is something you thought was really fun, I’d love to hear how it came about!

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