Bustling in Birmingham

Sharing with you the city I sew in and the places I love.

Friday: We ate dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Fuego, with Dwight’s mom and her friend. Their mango crab tacos are divine. The finale of Friday night was celebrating St. Patricks’s Day’s half birthday! Side Bar had $3 Guinness and tons of free shirts, hats, light up necklaces, and more. We had so much fun celebrating with friends. Who doesn’t love celebrating half birthdays?

Friends  Friends

Saturday: Some highlights from Saturday were eating lunch at Diplomat Deli, wandering around the Botanical Gardens (I could smell fall around the corner), eating dinner at Dram, and watching the premiere of Doctor Who! I made “blue” cookies for the event since we had some friends joining us, they didn’t turn out tardis blue, but still worth it. Any Doctor Who fans? Thoughts?

Birds LoveFlower Walk Tardis Cookies

Sunday: Church, food, relaxing, X-files. The usual Sunday. I think I’m addicted to The X-Files. Someone might need to intervene, but it’s fine by me if no one does. ;)

No sewing for me this weekend, but I’ll be right back at it tonight. Trying to finish my Arielle skirt by Thursday.

Weekend Discoveries: What Katie SewsAlmond Rock, and Bluegingerdoll.

Enjoy your week!

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