Arielle, You Sure Are Progressing Nicely

Dear Arielle,

When I first saw you, in your bright yellow fabric and flower buttons, I knew I had to make you for myself. I stumbled upon an irresistibly colorful boucle I thought would suit you well. And blue buttons that will surely bring out those pops of blue in your fabric.

You have been such an easy pattern to work with, partly because your pattern maker is a genius. The boucle I chose for you has cooperated beautifully. I do have moments of doubt since the stitching disappears and blends into the fabric, but I soldier on because I can’t wait to see you finished. According to my first fitting, you will fit me just right. Please let that be true.

I’m not super confident in your sheer cream lining. It’s not as heavy or as soft as I’d hoped. That’s what I get for not purchasing a swatch, right? It will look fine though. I have each part of you assembled: skirt, lining, and facing. Now all that’s left is to put you together and add those sweet buttons.

I look forward to wearing you proudly and being friends for a very long time.

15 thoughts on “Arielle, You Sure Are Progressing Nicely

  1. It’s going to look so good! I bought this pattern a week or two ago and have plans for a burgundy corduroy version for the autumn. Looking forward to your finished article! 😀


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