Frolicking in Florida

When I posted my last sewing project I was in the sunny state of Florida, specifically Orlando, Florida. My family has always been big Disney World fans and now it was time for my 4-year-old (as of today) nephew to experience the magic with the rest of us.

During fall the parks are decorated for Halloween. This little perk, with the added fact that Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, makes my husband just as big of a Disney fan as the rest of us. Unfortunately it was still summer weather in Orlando, but everything at least looked fallish.

Some of our personal favorites on this trip were the safari in Animal Kingdom, the ride Dinasour in Animal Kingdom, the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and just enjoying Magic Kingdom at night.

After our time in Disney my parents were gracious enough to add a few more days onto the trip in Destin, Florida. Ironically the 70 degree weather we longed for in Orlando was waiting for us in Destin. It was the first time I’ve worn a heavy cardigan over my swimsuit to go to the beach. It was a beautiful time though and I got my traditional order of crab legs one night for dinner. Overall it was a successful trip filled with relaxation and faces I love.

In sewing news: My sister-in-law did bring her Mathilde blouse I made her, but somehow we still didn’t get a picture of her in it. I was able to hand sew one of her shirts during the trip that had formed a small hole. Cool points to her for bringing a travel sewing kit, I didn’t even do that. Disney also got me thinking… future profession in costume design? Maybe, just maybe.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind Tuesday. :)

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