Let’s Be Friends: a proud moment

After making the Arielle skirt I was pretty hard on myself, so I thought I’d share some specific times I’ve been really proud of myself. I would also love to hear when you have been proud of your work, sewing, knitting, sketching, or really just anytime in life. We could all use a little boost of confidence, right?

The hem on the Butterick B5466 Misses skirt:

This was the very first poject I posted on my blog. I took the Craftsy class Sew Ready: garment basics. My husband was in NYC for two weeks and I spent a lot of nights with the dining room table covered in my sewing projects. The night before he got home I curled up on the couch, put Gilmore Girls on and attempted to slip stitch the hem of my skirt. It had been three years since I had hand sewn anything. I was a bit nervous, but thanks to Craftsy, this visual learner could watch the instructor, Brett Bara, slip stitch. That evening is now one of my favorite memories. The hem turned out way better than I thought it would and I learned sewing by hand relaxes me. I probably wear this skirt more than anything I’ve made in the past ten months. It’s not perfect, but I always feel really proud when I wear it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

The neckline and lining on the Lilou dress: 

I probably could just say the Lilou dress. The whole process of making this dress was a cycle of being super nervous something would go wrong and being so happy when everything kept going right. I chose to scallop the neckline as Tilly instructs in Love at First Stitch. I felt so DIY using a glass from the kitchen to create the scallops, and the finished neckline looks much fancier than expected. Then there was the lining. It’s just on the top part of the dress, which I was thankful for because lining was new to me. I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. I personally think my Lilou dress looks like I bought it from a store… but that’s just me :).

Lilou Dress

The buttons and buttonholes on the Mimi blouse: 

I want to start by saying that, yes, I am proud of myself for picking out such great buttons. Notions can make or break a garment. I am also proud of the buttonholes. I had so much fun working with the buttonhole foot, a totally different experience than when I was sewing my Arielle skirt. I didn’t rush to sew them and both buttonholes and buttons lined up pretty perfectly. When I put this blouse on I always start to smile.


Now the floor is yours. What’s one of your proud moments?

10 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends: a proud moment

  1. Wow, some lovely pieces there. I love the finish on the dress. And very impressive button holes too!

    I’m proud of a skirt I made myself. It’s the only item of clothing I’ve made and worn more than once. It was a simple elastic waist circle skirt, and is love it! I also made a mini version for my 4 year old and she wears it a lot and tells everyone I made it. Very proud!


    • I love this story. So sweet of your daughter to give you all the credit. And circle skirts are wonderful. I hope to make one in the near future. Thanks for sharing your proud moment with me!

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  2. The blues in the outfits above are my favourite. But then I was always partial to blue! Proud moment? Years and years ago I made my wedding dress. It was a simple pattern that I made modifications too. I got exactly what I wanted and loved it. I’m still trying to figure out how to post about it on my blog… maybe someday!


  3. This is such a lovely uplifting post! You should be super proud of all that you’ve achieved! I’m impressed by your button holes – I haven’t braved them yet, but I’m going to! I’m very proud of my progress in sewing jersey recently and also of my first venture in to leather. I made this little coin purse and whenever I use it I feel so proud of it! I have to tell everyone I made it haha!


    • With the right fabric, I think buttonholes are so fun! I haven’t braved leather yet. I want to, but it scares me. I’m glad to hear your experience with it went well! Maybe I’ll have to try a coin purse or something small to get me started. :)

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      • I think a coin purse is definitely the way to go! You can do it with some scrap leather which is so cheap to buy so you don’t have to be scared of ruining anything!! I’ll look forward to seeing it!

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  4. I love the Lilou dress. It looks fantastic.

    I am proud of my sewing growth. With each project my skills are improving. My latest proud moment is replicating a designer look for my daughter. I loved…..the shocked look on her face when she saw how much it looked like the original.

    Great post…btw…love the last photo. That smile is “everything”.



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