Davy College: the reality of teaching myself

When I set out to accomplish Davy College I was so wide-eyed and hopeful. I believed nothing was going to stand in my way. Still, in the back of my mind lingered my old ways, all the things I started and then quit because working hard was just too hard. This Pamela is different though, this Pamela will defy history and be victorious.

It’s been two months since my first week of Davy College and I haven’t even gotten through half of the schedule I made for myself. Womp Womp. I’ve done a good bit of sketching and I’ve stayed on top of my sewing projects, but it’s the reading that gets me. When I know it’s a night to read I tend to watch TV a little too long or even find myself cleaning, because cleaning is easy. I could clean in my sleep, but teaching myself to sew and be intelligent in the fashion industry is not easy.

I looked my husband straight in the eyes last night and said “new plan!” For the next three to four weeks I’m going to finish up my sewing projects: the Vogue jumpsuit (Vivian), Smooth Sailing Trousers, and the Andy Coat. Then for the month of December I’ll catch up on all of my reading. It’s not impossible but I’ll have to stay focused. When January rolls around I’ll reevaluate my schedule, see if there is a plan that may work better for me.

For now, I’m still wide-eyed and hopeful.

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