Fix It Saturday

I’ve made a nice amount of garments throughout the year, but I only wear probably three of them consistently. Last Saturday I took it upon myself to fix a few things so I can, you know, actually wear what I’ve made. I chose to fix my Megan dress, Lilou dress, Mesa dress, and an estate sale dress (I didn’t make this one). I spent the bulk of Saturday, a good 6 hours, sitting at the dining room table sewing. It was wonderful. It made me wish I had more time to sew, or that I could live on less sleep.

I started with the Megan dress because I knew it would take the longest. What needed to be fixed: the front pleats on the bodice, the upper back bodice, and ALL seams. I originally pressed and sewed the front bodice pleats outwards instead of inwards. I didn’t notice until looking at pictures of myself in the dress. Easy fix. They aren’t perfect, but better. After wearing the dress once I noticed the back seam was coming completely apart. I decided to check all the seams, which were doing the exact same thing. I went back through using a tighter tension. Once again, an easy fix. Lastly I needed to fix the upper part of the bodice. I blended sizes for my waist on the Megan dress but I didn’t think about doing that for my shoulders. Starting around the top of my shoulder blades the dress gets very poofy. I’ll be honest this part I did completely on a whim. I cut out about two inches around the zipper. I realized that wasn’t going to work so I got scissor happy. I cut about 2 inches off the top of the zipper, sewed across the top of the zipper teeth, and cut an even bigger amount of fabric out of the top. It looks kind of like “uh..what happened here?” BUT the bulk is gone! A Cardigan can easily be worn and I can always make another Megan dress.

Megan Dress Megan back

Next was the Lilou dress. I actually hadn’t hemmed this dress. Shhhh. And the lining needed a few tweaks. It didn’t take me too long, not like the Megan dress. I’m not sure why I put finishing this dress off for so long with how much I love it. Now she is complete!

Lilou hem

I made the Mesa dress back in August. It was just a fun quick project I did one night. Unfortunately the dress hugs me in all the wrong ways. I decided on Saturday to make it into a top. I was kind of sad, simply because I loved the idea of the dress, but I know it will be more flattering as a top.

Mesa top
Mesa top

Lastly I finished with a dress I purchased at an estate sale about 3 years ago. The hem was coming loose and a shoulder seam had come undone. I have plans to take it in and sew a hot pink zipper on the back, but I didn’t have time for all of that Saturday. As I was fixing the dress I started focusing on the rest of the seams. It’s pretty clear its previous owner made the dress or someone handmade it for her. I noticed there is no tag and some things were just a little off here and there. I started getting all cheesy, thinking about how someone years ago sat at home sewing this dress and now here I am tending to it, trying to add more years to its life. It was a sappy, sweet moment for me. I can’t wait to put some more pizzaz to it once I’m more confident in upcycling.

Estate Sale Dress
Estate Sale Dress

Overall I’m very pleased with how I spent my time. It was a successful Saturday and now I can finally wear some more of my makes! What have you been working on lately? Anything you’ve needed to fix or just wanted to spruce up?

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