Vivian, You’ve Got Class

Dearest Vivian,

I remember that fateful day when I stumbled upon your pattern, the Vogue 9075, on Sewrendipity’s blog. I decided in that very moment I would one day make a jumpsuit. It’s taken me a while to finally follow through, but now I’m making you a reality.

Vogue Jumpsuit 9075

Like always, I couldn’t let myself become overwhelmed. I opened the pattern and began by only focusing on one step at a time. The fabric I chose for you, a tangerine stretch sateen, hasn’t given me any problems. After doing some research, and reading about different stitches in my sewing machine manual, I chose to use a tricot stitch. It looks pretty good. I think the seams will hold together really well. The only down side is this stitch takes a bit longer to sew. It’ll be worth it though. I purchased a grey stretch lining for your top. The two colors look so great together. I’m glad I spent a little extra money for new lining instead of using the cream leftover from the Arielle skirt.

Vogue Jumpsuit 9075

There hasn’t been too many problems sewing you. One of your sleeves didn’t set as well as I’d hoped. And try as I may, the little dimple will not go away. Thanks to See Carmen Sew’s video she posted, they look a lot better than they would have if left to my own devices. I also must have messed up while cutting the fabric for the pants. The crotch seam would not match up, leaving about a two-inch space between the seams. I’m rolling with it though. Who will really see that seam anyway, right?

Vogue Jumpsuit 9075

All that I have left to sew is the pockets, the pants to the top, the zipper, and the hem. May the odds be in my favor and may you look simply fantastic.

8 thoughts on “Vivian, You’ve Got Class

  1. You are so funny and so DETERMINED! I love reading about your sewing adventures! Keep us posted – picture when complete!


  2. Can’t wait to see the final result! Btw, if you haven’t cut the pants part yet, do a quick tissue fit. Pin the side seams (pins facing downwards), and pull the on. This will show if you need to adjust the crotch. I have to add about an inch to the back otherwise I get a wedgie :).


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