Sewing 1949

Over the past few months several friends and family members have posted this little picture on my Facebook timeline (which is cool because people are associating me with sewing). I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you have seen it, this quote from Singer in 1949.

Singer 1949

I have mixed emotions when I read it. The first time I read it I found myself chuckling. Oh the 40s. But then I realized I felt something else. What I really felt was sadness for the women in 1949. Sad they were expected to take care of the chores on their own and made to believe they had to always look “perfect”. It also made me angry. If I’m going to be expected to do these chores and sew, you best believe I’m going to look how I want to look.

I actually agree with parts of the quote. At the start I think it’s good advice. I always have to take a few moments to get my mind focused. I usually read through the pattern, get everything organized, grab some water or coffee and then get to work. This is what works best for me. And sometimes I do really enjoy being clean and cute while I’m sewing. In these moments I’m usually pretending to be in a real studio, preparing my own line. But most days while sewing you will find me in pajamas, make-up faded after a long work day, and my hair in slight disarray from all the times I keep running my fingers through it.

Depending on who you are and how you look at this quote, you may laugh or you may feel uneasy… or maybe a bit of both. Either way, I’m really thankful I don’t feel the pressure to live like the women in 1949. Not to say women don’t feel pressure to be and look a certain way in 2015, but we’ve made some good strides.

If you need a clean house and to look good while you sew, power to you, as long as it’s for you and not someone else. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here with a potentially clean sink and probably in my pajamas.

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