Project #16

I finished sewing my first jumpsuit! Everyone get excited! Guys, I know I’ve been really happy after certain sewing projects, but nothing beats how I feel about this one. It fits me like a glove and I want to wear it everywhere!

Vogue Jumpsuit

The stretch sateen is a medium weight, and considering the size of the jumpsuit, it definitely has a bit of weight to it. I wanted to make it slightly fancy so I could dress it up or down. I think the added weight gives this effect. It also allows me to wear it in any season. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with my fabric choice.

Vogue Jumpsuit

My favorite success: I used double-sided tape to sew my zipper. Um, I’ll be using that again! The thread got a little wonky, but best zipper I have done so far. Let’s just look at it for a moment.

Vogue Jumpsuit - zipper

Oh, and POCKETS!

Vogue Jumpsuit - pocket

I needed the boost from this project. I had been kind of down on my progress. This jumpsuit is a little ray of sunshine. I was able to not get so in my head and just have fun. When perfectionist Pamela comes out things don’t go so well. I’ll try to put her away for a while. Now, does anyone have a wedding I could attend? I think this jumpsuit would be perfect wedding attire. Anyone need a +1? I do have a friend date on Friday and I’m planning to strut my jumpsuit around Birmingham that afternoon. Look out Bham!

Vogue Jumpsuit

If you haven’t made a jumpsuit, do it! The Vogue 9075 was pretty easy and fun. Anyone else made a jumpsuit? I’d love to see your makes!

11 thoughts on “Project #16

    • It actually wasn’t too hard to do the fitting. I got advice from See Carmen Sew’s blog and Sewrendipity’s blog. I went down a size smaller than the pattern recommends. I was also advised to add a few inches in the crotch area. I didn’t, though a 1/2 inch probably would have been helpful. Other than those things I had no trouble with fitting. Just dive in! :)

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  1. It’s awesome, well done! Love the colour, suits you so nicely. Hoping the weather is better over there than in London so you can a lot of wear out of it.


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