2015 Recap

17 sewing projects and 58 blog posts later, here I am. This year has been steady and very beneficial. I’ve seen what working hard can produce.

Back in January my husband encouraged me to finally start a blog. He thought it would give me more incentive to sew. He was right. Every time I finished a project, getting to post it on my blog was like a reward. I started by hoping to finish a sewing project every other week. Eventually I changed things up and began to teach myself what first year fashion design students learn. At the end of 2015 I have moments I’m really proud of and some moments I’m not proud of at all. I could have sewn more, I could have read more, and I could have sketched so much more. But I did sew a lot, a lot more than I did in 2014. I read and sketched some – and that’s better than none.

Here’s a list of 5 favorite moments from 2015:

Making my syllabi for Davy College


Learning from a Mood U class how to draw a fashion figure


Sewing my Vogue jumpsuit, AKA Vivian

Vogue Jumpsuit 9075

Discovering double-sided tape for sewing zippers


Using my skills to sew and sell scarves for my husband’s PhD applications


Goals for 2016 – because it’s almost New Years and I love lists:

Complete what’s left on my 2015 Davy College syllabi

Make a 2016 Davy College syllabi

Pattern Making

Complete 20 sewing projects

Discover ways I can give back with my sewing

Believe in myself

Don’t let my late blooming weigh me down

Work hard, but don’t be such a perfectionist – it only makes me cranky

Here’s to all the steps I took in 2015 and to all the steps, big – small – hard – easy, I’ll take in 2016. Let’s do this.


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