My January Three and New Year Nine

It’s 2016! I love beginnings. And I began this year with some of my favorite Birmingham faces. Like most beginnings though, things haven’t gone quite as planned. A New Year’s Eve dress yet to be sewn and a dead car battery isn’t exactly what I call a great start. But I’ll improvise, mix things up, make it work. SO what am I planning for 2016? Lots of things. I’ll start with what I’m planning to sew in January and then spring of 2016.

January Three:

1.Leotie Midi Dress by Named was supposed to be my New Year’s Eve dress. I asked for the pattern for Christmas so I knew if I got it there was a good chance it wouldn’t arrive until January. Sure enough it arrived this past Tuesday. I already have the fabric, wahoo! Can’t wait to get started. It’s now going to be a fancy date dress.

2.Butterick 5654 Misses Coat  (C) pattern from 1991 is one of my leftover goals from 2015. It actually started out as the Andy Coat from Named, but the more I looked at that pattern it wasn’t what I was envisioning for myself. I also discovered wool tweed is a wee bit more expensive. I wasn’t willing to fork over that much money, but yay for Christmas again because I got a Mood Fabric gift card that covered it! I can’t lie – I’ve been digging some 90s fashion lately. Thank you, X-Files.

3.My last pattern for January will be the Smooth Sailing blouse from Wearing History that goes with my Smooth Sailing trousers. It will also be the second piece in my VIFPMCW. I’m trying to use patterns I already have in my stash, so this one seemed logical. I’m thinking of making it in a pretty cream. Maybe try my hand at silk. Eek!

New Year Nine (for my “spring semester”):

1. I recently got Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing (yet another Christmas gift!) and my first pattern will be her Bow-Tied Blouse. I love the vintage feel. I plan to make it in red. It’s going to be my Valentine’s date blouse and I’ll pair it with some gold heels. Ooh la la! I’m also adding it as the third piece in my VIFPMCW.

2. I discovered Simplicity 8188 when I was organizing my patterns last week. I fell in love with the cowl neck, length, and all around comfiness of it. It could be one of those dresses I wear almost year round. I’m really hoping to add some handmade pieces like that to my wardrobe.

3.Butterick B5890 (C) pattern is one I’ve made before. It was actually one of the very first patterns I ever used. I loved making it, and I’m still pretty proud of how it turned out. However, it was slightly big on me and I was about 20 pounds heavier at the time. It’ll be fun to make it again and see how far I’ve come since then.

4.Gertie’s Suit Jacket is number four on my list. I have been dying to have a black blazer. When I saw the jacket in her book I thought to myself, “Why don’t you just make your own black blazer?” So bam, I’m doing it.

5. I think I’m most excited to make Gertie’s 1940’s Zip-Front Dress. And I plan on it being a beautiful crayon green. There are so many great patterns for dresses in her book, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this one.

6. The Ultimate Trousers pattern by Sew Over It will finish off my VIFPMCW. One of my favorite styles from the 50s/60s is cigarette pants and flats. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up making myself several pairs and just having them on a constant rotation.

7. One of my favorite patterns I made last year was the Lilou dress by Tilly and The Buttons. Seriously, it’s so great. I made my first one with a gathered skirt and scalloped neckline. I plan to make this one with a gathered skirt again, but with the original neckline from the pattern.

8.I’m using the Chantilly Lace Blouse pattern by Gertie to push my limits. I’ve never made anything with lace before so I know this will be a challenge. Right now I feel pretty good about it, but ask me when I actually have the lace in my hands and I’ll probably be singing a different tune. Any advice for a lace newbie?

9.My final pattern for spring will be the Kielo Wrap Dress by Named. When I first saw this pattern I was not a fan. It has slowly grown on me though. I know I want to make it in black. It’ll be perfect for the summer months and I’ll easily be able to dress it up or down.

So that’s what you can be expecting from me in the next 6 months! I’m really excited about all of these patterns. May be a little ambitious, but that’s good for the soul. What will you be making? Are any of these patterns on your New Year list?


♥ Pamela





12 thoughts on “My January Three and New Year Nine

  1. What a great set of plans! So much goodness! I especially love Gertie’s Zip-Front Dress… It reminded me that I had fabric all picked out for it sitting in my stash- for 2 years! I look forward to seeing your makes this year!


  2. Good luck! All I know about lace is that you want to use french seams, and maybe a walking foot to make sure it all lines up correctly. That last dress does seem off in some way, yet when I think of summer it does seem like the perfect choice to wear on a hot day. Can’t wait to see them come to life!


  3. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year! Your new coat turned out wonderfully. I don’t really do much planning when it comes to sewing. I’m a bit of a pattern hoarder and book hoarder, so I can never really settle on what exactly I want to make next. That’s part of the reason why I like The Monthly Stitch. I just try to make something that fits with the theme. I have my patterns organized by style type and season. This week for example, I knew I wanted to make something quick and easy, so I just picked an easy winter poncho. I tend to alternate between easy and challenging projects, too. I think you always need to throw an easy project in there just to cleanse the palette. Next project I’ll probably move onto something that might take a week or two to complete as opposed to an afternoon. Plus, I can’t stick to a plan because when those shiny new spring patterns come out everything goes out the window.

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    • It’s always so hard for me to stick to my schedule when I see new patterns come out too. I just have to file away the ones I love for later. I can’t wait to see what you make this year too! I loved your poncho, and am totally jealous of the snow you got to wear it in.


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