Get To Work

This one is for all you planners out there.

I love, love, love to plan. I may love to plan a little too much, to the point where I over plan. I’m trying to make 2016 a year full of good sewing plans, but realistic sewing plans. Anyone else like this? You get so addicted to planning you plan too much for yourself. MY excuse is there’s just too many great patterns out there it’s hard to narrow them down. Thankfully I found the Get To Work Book.

Why is this planner so great? I’ll give you 3 good reasons:

For starters it has motivational quotes that I personally need. Things like “nobody cares about almost.” Kind of harsh, but needed. I get the lazy bug a lot and these quotes push me to not only plan but to also do. Each month starts out with a different quote and I’ve already found myself flipping through the whole planner just to read them and get pumped up.

The layout is really great too. You have the normal calendar setup, but then there are pages for each week that allow you to write down specific action items just for that week. This has allowed me to set up mini goals within my monthly goals. It’s such a great way to stay on track and not get overwhelmed with everything I want to do in the month.


Lastly, I love the page at the end of each month. This page is for reflection and goal setting. On this page you have the option to write down how the past month actually went. Did you meet all of your goals? What’s still in progress? What do you need to think on and complete? And my personal favorite space is the one where you write down what you need to let go of. There’s always something, if not many somethings, I don’t complete each month and sometimes I need a reminder that it’s ok to just let it go.


If you’ve been trying to find a great planner to help you meet your goals I highly recommend this one. I know it’s only January, but it’s already helped me stay on track and to better visualize my weeks. I know this isn’t the only great planner out there though. Does anyone else have other recommendations? There can never be too many suggestions for great planners!

Let’s Get To Work!

♥ Pamela



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