Project #2: Smooth Sailing Blouse

I finally finished my Smooth Sailing blouse! I thought this day may never come. I’ve taken on a new venture interning with a travel agency, so I got a little behind in my sewing. But now I’m back!

This blouse was delightful to make. I didn’t have too many freak outs, maybe none actually. It was all pretty straightforward. My hope was to make this for The Monthly Stitch January challenge, however it’s almost March. I decided it’s a little too late for that now. For any of you wondering, the January challenge was your favorite winter beverage. My favorite is coffee with Baileys. So I decided to make the shirt a creamy color, but the buttons black, because my other favorite winter beverage is just black coffee. How can you go wrong? Well unless it’s bad coffee… but moving on.

I ended up changing the collar a bit. Not on purpose though :). I was supposed to finish it with a self bias facing. Instead I topstitched the seam allowance into place so it would stay inside the collar. I was satisfied with it, so I left it. I also may have brought the waist in a bit too much when blending the sizes, but I don’t think it’ll be noticed when I tuck in the blouse. If I make another one, I probably won’t blend the sizes and just wear a belt around my waist if it’s a little bulky.

This blouse is the second piece in my Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe. Now to hem my Smooth Sailing trousers so I can wear them together! I’m glad I bought this pattern. It has all the vintage feel I long for, but the instructions aren’t as easy for me to read. Not sure if I’ll purchase many more Wearing History patterns… at least not until I have more knowledge when it comes to pattern instructions.

I feel most accomplished after a sewing project when I want to wear it out and about. I wore my Smooth Sailing blouse to work yesterday paired with one of my favorite cardigans. It was a happy day.

♥ Pamela


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