Project #3: The Gertie Bow-Tied Blouse

I received Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing for Christmas. Once I flipped through the pages I fell even more in love with her. I was on a Tilly kick last year, if anyone noticed, and I was hesitant to move beyond her patterns. Tilly’s patterns have a 60s vibe going on, which really speaks to me. But Gertie has the whole 50s vibe going on, which is even nearer and dearer to me. I now have this dream of filling my closet with Gertie and Tilly patterns. That’d be beautiful, right?

My first pick out of Gertie’s patterns was the bow-tied blouse. When I started reading the instructions I got super excited, it didn’t seem like I’d be scratching my head too much. I mean the sleeves are already attached to the bodice, what could be better?

My fabric of choice was a red double knit, per Gertie’s suggestion. I’m a sucker for a good solid color. While shopping at JoAnn’s I found these beautiful 50s-ish buttons for the back of the blouse, but they had 5 and I needed 6. I reluctantly set them down and chose plain red buttons, that have won over my affection.

I love this blouse so much. I really want to make several more in different colors. It took me a good 2 weeks to sew it, but I could probably make it on a Saturday in one sitting, as long as I don’t answer the door when the hustle and bustle of life comes knocking.

The bottom of the blouse does sway to the left. I accidentally sewed the right side on backwards and didn’t realize it until after I had trimmed the seam allowance. I’m thinking something went wrong while I was trying to fix that side, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix the sway. I can totally wear it tucked in though! ;)

I can’t wait for my next Gertie project! This one was such a delight. Anyone else out there big Gertie fans?

2 thoughts on “Project #3: The Gertie Bow-Tied Blouse

  1. Good job! I have this book too, but I haven’t made anything from it for some reason. I tend to hoard pattern books and then just sew from the Big 4. Ho hum. You’ve inspired me, though.


  2. I’m a new Gertie fan after coming across a YouTube video in which she teaches how to sew a skirt from start to finish. She explains and completes every step. It was so good, I went out and bought her dress making and casual vintage wear books.

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