2017: The Year of DavyMade

I swore to myself I’d never stop blogging. I’m not sure my reasoning behind that, probably something to do with appearances, or maybe wanting to follow through with my goals, or maybe it was a little of both. Well, it’s been 9 months since my last post. Yup. A move to Nashville and a new job have been keeping me pretty busy these days. I had my fair share of moments when I confused being busy and overwhelmed with giving up on yet another dream, and there were definitely moments I outright thought about giving up. And even though my couch loudly calls my name every evening, I’m finally mustering up some guts to push through and labor until I see fruit.

My DavyMade 2017 is all about intentionally and consistently sewing each week, learning to make patterns (my goal is to make at least 3), and learning to knit. It’s time to work harder and it’s also time to have some healthy criticism. There’s a shop in Nashville called CraftSouth that offers private sewing lessons. My plan is to take at least one lesson a month. I’ve been sewing for a few years now with so little feedback. I need someone telling me where I’m cutting corners, my natural instinct. If I truly want to excel then I need the tough love and honesty about my work. CraftSouth also provides knitting classes that I plan to take most likely at the end of the year. My knitting goal isn’t as intense as the others, but more to challenge myself with something new… and because it seems so fun!

Now, how am I going to keep myself consistently sewing each week? Well, I have signed up for project Sew My Style!

Above all, #SewMyStyle is all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing. We want to show you that sewing your own wardrobe isn’t an unachievable dream. – Bluebird Fabrics

The project calls for you to sew 12 specific garments in 12 months. I’ll be posting my makes on Instagram, and of course on here, on the last Sunday of every month. My hope is to have 12 well sewn garments by the end of the year. The hashtag for this project is #sewmystyle. I’d love for you all to follow along as I, and others, sew through the year.

I’m so excited to be back! I’ll be posting again soon with pics of my new Nashville sewing space! Now here’s to looking 2017 in the face and saying “Let’s do this.”


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