A Space for DavyMade

I like to imagine having my own studio one day. Maybe it’s in a house behind our home, above our garage, or in a little space I rent out in a neat part of town. It’s exciting to dream about those things. But for now, it’s just as exciting to walk into our apartment and see my own little sewing corner. Small as it is, it’s all mine and it’s beautiful.


The bookshelf used to hold my husband’s books, but when he got a new one he graciously passed this one on to me. I had no idea I would fill it up so quickly. It currently holds all of my sewing and fashion books, a lot of patterns, sewing materials, one of my sewing machines, fashion magazines, and some other knickknacks. My sewing machine and table have so much more free space with the addition of the bookshelf. I love being able to leave it free of most clutter. The less clutter on the table the less clutter in my brain.


The biggest and newest addition to my space is the dress form. It was a Christmas gift two years back, but I didn’t have room to set it up in Birmingham. It has proved to be very useful. Plus I just love looking at my work on it. Even if something doesn’t fit me right, it somehow looks so great on the dress form.

There’s also ample wall space I’m itching to fill. I currently have a canvas with the quote “No grit, no pearl” painted on it by a dear friend. She knows the importance of grit to me and her painting keeps me going when laziness comes to tempt me. I also have some pictures from fashion magazines pinned up that inspire me. My hope is to soon add some framed fashion magazine covers from the 50s and 60s.

Well, now you’ve seen my sewing space! It’s small and it’s simple. And I’m thankful that in my moments of self-doubt or laziness I have a space to enter where I can be inspired and encouraged.


4 thoughts on “A Space for DavyMade

  1. Youve made that space your own and it’s lovely. I currently have a fold out table in my bedroom, my stuff is all squished under the bed, I dream of having more space too, i am already planning how I can turn the kids bedroom in to my space (I have a very long wait though but it doesn’t stop me dreaming :)

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