Saunio Cardigan


The second pattern for the Sew My Style project is Named’s Saunio Cardigan. I have attempted to make two other Named patterns that did not go very well, so I was a little nervous about this one at first. Thankfully I took my time to read through the instructions and discovered on Named printed patterns they do not include a seam allowance. Having this knowledge is extremely helpful (as I’m sure many of you know) and made this specific experience much better than the last two. For my fabric I chose to use a navy and cream striped sweater knit from I already had the interfacing and thread needed, so the only items I had to purchase were the pattern and fabric.


Life has been pretty busy (I’m starting to accept that being an adult just means being busy) and when the second week of February rolled around without me having purchased the pattern and fabric, I was getting pretty nervous about not finishing the cardigan on time. Once they both arrived, it turns out I never had a free week night to actually work on it. So yesterday morning I got myself up, ate, showered, and then I sewed for most of my Saturday. I wasn’t sure if I would get it done due to my habit of giving up when I get tired, but about 8 hours later (minus lunch and dinner breaks) I finished it! I had a very productive Saturday indeed.


I was relieved when I opened the pattern to find just a few pieces needing to be cut out. I just wish that part didn’t exist in the sewing process, ya know? So much time feels wasted cutting out a pattern, but nonetheless it is a crucial part. Overall this pattern was pretty straightforward for me, I only got hung up on the instructions a few times. The bodice had to be sewn together, along with sewing and attaching the facing. And my favorite kind of sleeves were sewn, with one continuous seam from armhole down the side seam. The hardest part about sewing this cardigan was actually the fabric I chose. It stretches more than I’d hoped and can unravel easily if I’m not careful. I managed to complete it with only a few snags. The oversized fit makes this cardigan very cozy. And though my fabric was a bit difficult to work with, it has a soft touch, adding to the coziness. I can definitely see myself throwing this on when I’m headed out on a crisp, cool Saturday or just lounging around my home.


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