Virginia Leggins


March’s Sew My Style pattern is Megan Nielsen’s Virginia Leggings. I was a little nervous when I saw leggings for this month simply because the past three, and only three, pair of pants I have ever made have been flops. I’m so thankful that the Sew My Style project pushed me out of my comfort zone again, because I love my Virginia Leggings. I originally thought I’d go with black fabric to hide my figure. Black tends to be pretty forgiving and I knew I’d be able to wear them with anything. But I was on Girl Charlee Fabrics website and found this cotton spandex blend I could not resist. It’s still darker, so it feels safe, but also more fun than simply going with black.


It took me a total of two nights and one Saturday morning to finish these. The two nights I started working on them it was past 8:30 and I wasn’t able to keep myself awake long enough to finish them in one sitting. Typically I like to spend an evening preparing everything anyway. I’ll trace the pattern with tracing paper so I can easily reuse it, cut the fabric out, and then I make sure I have all my supplies together so that the next time I sit down I’m ready to sew. If I don’t start my sewing projects by 7:00pm I usually don’t start them, but this past week I randomly had bursts of energy past 8:00pm that made me really want to create something. I spent the first evening preparing, the second evening sewing, and Saturday morning was just for last minute touchups.


As I mentioned earlier, I had yet to successfully sew pants. It’s been a year since I tried to tackle them and I think a year is just what I needed. When sewing the leggings I started by sewing the crotch seams, then I sewed together the inseam; at this point I could clearly see the shape of my leggings. When I got to the waistband I moved a bit slower to ensure I didn’t overlook an important step. The waistband calls for elastic. I was nervous about this, but I quickly learned that putting elastic in a waistband is a much smaller mountain to climb than I had envisioned. I had planned to add cuffs to the bottom of the leggings, but once I tried them on I saw they were the perfect length already, so I decided to forgo the cuffs and save that look for the next pair I make. I’m not sure if it’s the patterns selected for Sew My Style or if I’m getting more confident and skilled at sewing, but I’m on my third project this year and I have never loved my finished garments as much as I have the past three. Thanks to the Virginia Leggings I have overcome my fear of pants and have a cozy, cute pair of leggings to add to my wardrobe.



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