The Stellan Tee

A surprise side project! This year I have a goal to make at least one sewing project a month, and I honestly never dreamed I’d throw in any more. Sewing 12 was going to be pushing it with my current schedule and work ethic – both of which I’m constantly trying to improve. When I saw the Stellan Tee pop up from French Navy for free, I just couldn’t pass it up!

I had recently told myself I would never again use a PDF pattern, I sometimes even go as far as thinking they are evil. But allow me to be honest here, the truth is I’ve never sat down and really learned how to put together a PDF pattern properly. This would probably eliminate the ball of anxiety in my chest and the curse words coming out of my mouth. Tilly and the Buttons has a tutorial that I told myself I should get around to watching soon, lest I give up on PDF patterns all together and miss out on great patterns like the Stellan Tee! I ended up cutting out my size and taping them together. This was progress for me. Y’all do not even want to know how I was doing them before. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern and used the size that matched my measurements. I almost went up a size thinking my true size might be too tight, but I’m so thankful I didn’t. It’s fitted just enough to give it a nicer look, but still loose enough to feel like a comfy tee.

My knit fabric is from Girl Charlee. I thought it was going to be a darker green based on the picture from the website, but I still find it fun! The last few makes I quickly went on, but now I really want to purchase more of my fabric from smaller companies. I will definitely be purchasing from Girl Charlee again, and I will be surprised if I do not see more Stellan Tees in my future. I could make a small handful of these and be almost set for the summer!

I’m so thankful pattern companies give out free patterns from time to time, and I’m so thankful I set aside a little extra time for this side project. I have some plans to throw in a few other side projects throughout the year. Hopefully I will get to surprise you all again!

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