Burnside Bibs

I am so ecstatic to post my Burnside Bibs. They have officially found a place in my top favorite makes. I saw a version by @sommarblomma on Instagram and just fell head over heels. She tapered the pants and there was no turning back for me, I had to make them.

The Burnside Bibs sewing pattern is from Sew House Seven, one of my favorite pattern makers. I think I could spend the whole year using her patterns, but I won’t. In addition to my pattern, I purchased my fabric and thread from Harts Fabric. This was my first time purchasing from them and I had the best experience. Their packaging is the cutest, my fabric came wrapped in old patterns, just so sweet. I want to buy more fabric just to see the cute packaging again! For my fabric I chose a plum linen that I honestly can’t take my eyes off of, I adore it. I also requested matching thread and it only added to my lovely Harts Fabric experience.

My Burnside Bibs took a while to make. I think it was a combination of a lot happening in my life, getting overwhelmed about them, and tapering the pants. Once I started sewing, I realized it wasn’t too difficult and I just needed to get out of my head about it. Tapering really was the most challenging part. I will be completely honest, I just made them work, and I’m sure if I showed someone who is a professional, they would freak out. I, however, am very proud of the outcome! Could they look better around my hips? Yes. Will I wear them out in public? Yes. And that is what makes them an accomplishment for me!

I would love to make more of these and improve my tapering skills! I think I’ll always want the pants tapered, so it’ll just be more practice for me. I’d love some bright blue, red, green, and maybe some navy ones. Make some with a thicker fabric for the winter months. This will be a go-to-pattern for me, there is just no doubt about it.

2 thoughts on “Burnside Bibs

  1. Love your bibs! I’ve been trying to work on mine for a while now and is also tapering them. I kind of like what I did with my test pants but I want to know how you did yours? Did you subtract from both sides (inseam and the sideseams) and where did you zero out? I like how your tapered version looks. It’s just like how I want mine to be. (Bonus, I also got my fabric from Harts Fabric. They really are the best!)


    • Thank you so much! I just took in the side seams. And I did zero out around my knees. This was my first time to ever taper and I didn’t even do a test pair. You’re much smarter than me! I honestly just went for it and kept taking in the side seams until they fit! The pockets were the hardest part in regards to tapering. They poof out just a little around my hips, but I got to a point where I was just ready to be done and wear them. Hart’s Fabric is the best! I hope your bibs turnout just they way you want them to! Best of luck, you’ve got this!


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