Kwik Sew K3765 Skirt

Two years ago a guy working for Shipt brought me my groceries. Upon entering my apartment, he got very excited about my dress form and sewing machine. He started telling me about Marguerite’s Sewing School, a group of badass women who teach adult sewing classes. I had to take a long, long road to get there, but two years later I am in Marguerites beginners sewing class! I am mainly self taught, so we both agreed I should start from the beginning. If there is anything I need to unlearn, best we figure that out now rather than later.

Marguerite starts the beginners course with a 3 hour lecture only class, so you know she means business. I learned that I should iron my patterns, how to properly measure myself (and someone else!), and some tips about washing fabrics. She also told me about Textile Fabrics, a local fabric store I now can’t seem to stay away from. We received our pattern during the first class, the Kwik Sew K3765 skirt. The skirt has an elastic waist and two slits on each side – the pattern actually has one slit in the back, but Marguerite helped me change it up. Before we left the first night, Marguerite gave us strict instructions: only buy 100% cotton fabric that is a solid color or has an all over pattern. I kept it simple with my favorite color – green.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be in this cute, little house with people all around me sewing. I have learned so many tips and tricks that will help me tremendously as I continue to sew. Marguerite even noticed I hadn’t been threading my bobbin right in my machine. Yes, that’s right. For 3 or 4 years, however long I’ve had my Pfaff, I haven’t been threading the bobbin correctly. I could have died when she discovered that, but I also was overwhelmed with gratitude. That is exactly what I had been needing, someone to tell me when I was making a mistake.

The skirt itself wasn’t too hard to sew. I could have made it at home, but it wouldn’t look as lovely. It has a professional touch that I wouldn’t have been able to give it on my own. All the things I learned along the way were well worth this class. I learned a new way to finish seams, a more efficient way to sew the hem, how to make small changes to a pattern to fit my height, and so much more.

I didn’t realize how much I needed someone to affirm my work until Marguerite told me how well I did on my skirt. To have someone who sews for their profession say I did a good job was a big moment for me. It gave me courage to keep moving forward, and confidence that I actually have the ability to get better. I’m also happy to say we already picked out my next project! I couldn’t see the hole in my heart for a sewing community, and I am so thankful it has now been filled with Marguerite’s Sewing School.

Marguerite, you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon.


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