Rowan Bodysuit

It still surprises me – that rush I get after sewing something. As I sit here typing in my Rowan bodysuit I feel content and proud. I made this. I created something for myself.

Sometime over last summer I bought my first bodysuit. I had been working through a lot of negative self talk and ways that I viewed my body. Part of that process made me try tucking my shirt in more often. I used to try to hide that little pooch under my bellybutton, but something in me shifted. I started finding beauty there. I chose to love that area of my body instead of avoiding it. And while I enjoyed tucking in my shirt, it can get a little annoying, so I thought I’d try a bodysuit. No surprise, I fell in love. I own 5 now, not counting this one and another I’m already making.


When planning my sewing patterns for 2020 I went on a hunt for the perfect bodysuit. I have used some of Megan’s patterns before and loved them. I went searching on her site and found Rowan. Sweet victory. So many versions. It’s the perfect base pattern, and if I want to spruce it up I can! For this bodysuit I chose to make version 5. I already had some fabric from Girl Charlee that looked fun. The blues make me feel calm and happy. I didn’t have enough fabric to put both the bodysuit front and back on the fold, so I decided to add a seam in the front. While I might do that again in the future, I’m not sure how I feel about it with this fabric. Overall I am so pleased with it though.


Version 5 has a v neck. This proved to be the most challenging part for me. You’d think it’d be the elastic around the bottom of the bodysuit, but I guess after making my swimsuit it was pretty easy for me. Because the fabric stretches, I found myself pulling at the neck to straighten it out as I was sewing along the v, instead of pivoting. So the neck scoops a bit more than I would like. Thankfully I learned my lesson and won’t do that on the next one! I did the same thing while hemming the sleeves, so they have a little flare to them. I have them rolled up in the pictures, which I actually enjoy the length and look a lot!


Is it weird that the snaps were my favorite part? I always love a moment to do some hand stitching. I’m not great at it, but it is very therapeutic for me. I only put two on this one. The pattern recommends three, but I was getting tired. I might go back and add one if it’s needed. I will most likely put three or four on my next one though to feel more secure.

I am so happy I found this pattern. I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a bodysuit again! I made this one in about two hours. I was shocked. This may mean I end up with way too many in my closet… but would that really be a bad thing?

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