Rowan Bodysuit: make #2

My sister-in-law and I were having a conversation around the fall of last year. At the time I had two Instagram accounts: one for my personal life and one for my sewing. I kept coming back to my sewing account wondering what it was missing. Something felt off. Then it hit me – it was missing my heart. My personal account consisted of post after post of healing work and ways I was striving to grow and change. In so many ways it feels like a type of journal for me – a journal I let the world see. That night my sister-in-law told me she could see me bringing my accounts together one day, knitting it all together somehow. Eventually I did. And now, with everything going on in the world, it feels more right than ever. Creating is healing. Creating is life giving. Creating stretches you. Creating brings excitement when you’re stuck in your home for the unforeseeable future. So I made another Rowan bodysuit.

I actually started making it before covid 19 decided to descend upon us. I had the shoulders sewn together and then left for a school trip to CA. Don’t worry. It’s been 14 days since I got back and I’m coronavirus free so far. When I got home the first week of March, life came at me full speed. In good ways, hard ways, fast ways and needed ways. Sewing is always the first thing I let slide when life gets hard or busy – something I’m curious about and digging deeper into. I saw myself letting it go, but this time I quickly reached back out. It is a form of therapy during a season such as this one.

I made this Rowan bodysuit using version 4 and some leftover knit fabric I had from I am loving the crew neckline and the detailing on the back from where I chose to sew a seam instead of cutting the back bodysuit on the fold. I’m still having some stretchy sleeve issues, as I did with the other one. I do always rush that part though… it’s just the last step and I’m so excited to be done. Overall I love this bodysuit and my last one too! It’s a fantastic pattern. My one advice is get sturdy snaps! … and keep creating. Even if you don’t sew. Draw a stick figure, write a poem, color, make music, plant a flower. Let whatever is creative inside of you out. Share it with yourself and then share it with the world.


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