Underwood Tank Dress

I am so in love with everything about my Underwood Tank Dress. I chose to make this dress because everything about this pattern just made me feel free. I have been embracing my form more these days and wearing things that are more fitted, but this dress looked perfect for a summer make. In my effort to save money and use what I already have in my home, I chose to make this with a thin knit I had purchased from Girl Charlee. I love the mod print and how light weight it is. I wore it on a very hot, humid Nashville day and I couldn’t have been happier in it.

This pattern was another PDF. I’m slowly starting to get used to putting them together, but I’d still take the printed pattern train any day. I thought I was cutting out the middle neckline version, but turns out I cut the highest option. I was a little sad when I made this discovery, but once I put the dress on, I actually fell for the look. I think the pattern on the fabric and the high neckline go really well together.

I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the front and the back on the fold, so if you look closely you’ll see there is actually a seam down the back. I think with this dress, an added seam in the front or the back is only going to give it a little more flavor. I also won’t lie, I’m digging anything that will show off my new tattoo right now.

The neckline and sleeves give you the option of an added neck and armhole facing. I chose to put one on the neckline and then turned the sleeves under about a 1/2 inch. I’m planning to make another tank dress in a beautiful orange and yellow floral fabric I also purchased from Girl Charlee, and I think I will opt out of using the facings for the neckline and sleeves. I just like the look more without.

I’m excited to wear this dress any and everywhere. It can easily be dressed up with heals or dressed down as a swimsuit coverup. And with my new move to Wilmington, NC next month, I’m just picturing nights on the beach with it flowing in the wind. This really is an ideal summer dress and I’m ready for so many summer days and nights in it.

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