Underwood Tank

After I cut out my Underwood tank dress, I left the pattern out for a few days. One day when I was about to finish up the dress, inspiration overcame me. I grabbed the pattern and used the top part to cut out this tank. There’s actually a separate pattern for the Underwood tank, I just didn’t feel like cutting it out, so I used my tank dress pattern instead. The fabric is from fabric.com. I purchased it in March to make some masks for my sister. Whenever I would look at the leftover fabric, I just kept seeing myself wearing it.

I didn’t look at the pattern while I made this. It’s the first time I’ve ever just winged it. However, I had just finished the tank dress so the instructions were fresh on my mind. I’m starting to learn there are standard ways to sew certain garments, or certain parts of garments. The more knowledge I have the less I have to look at the pattern the whole time. Pattern instructions are important, but I also want to give myself more freedom to create.

I had so much fun making this top. I think part of the thrill was the spontaneity of it. I’m a planner. I always plan out my makes for the year in January. But being human and ever evolving, I got a new urge to make this, so I did. It gave me the courage to not be so timid and just create. There will be makes along the way that I’m just not pleased with, but it doesn’t mean the process won’t be fun and beneficial for me.


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