Axis Tank

I have been sewing more than usual these days. I am almost sewing as much as I did when I first started learning to sew. Back then I was sewing a project at least every other week and sometimes once a week. It’s felt good to start creating and making more again. It all happened naturally and almost without me noticing. I was suddenly using more of my time to sew. It was never that I didn’t have the time, it’s that I wasn’t choosing, and for a while didn’t have the emotional or mental capacity, to sew. Little projects like my Axis tank are evidence that I’m finally choosing to spend my time sewing again. The past few years I have chosen 9 to 12 patterns to sew throughout the year. This year I still have that list, but I have also started random side projects and sewing for friends. It warms my heart when I think about it, and all I want to do is protect the space I have finally created for sewing in my life.

The fabric I used, and the inspiration for my tank, is from Girl Charlee. Unfortunately the fabric is sold out, at least when I last went looking for it. I actually wanted to make another Underwood tank dress with it. Once I realized I wouldn’t have enough for the dress, my mind shifted to picturing the fabric as this tank. I started making it right before I made a big move from Nashville, TN to Wilmington, NC. While I have several handmade tops I could have worn on my move, I really wanted to make something new for myself to go along with the new life I was creating. I wanted to feel empowered and safe at the same time. So I made this cozy, little tank to show myself I’m worth being taken care of and loved, and I’m going to keep showing up.

I loved every moment of making my Axis tank (version 3) and I learned something new too. Sophie Hines, who made the pattern, instructs you to use a 3 step zigzag stitch. Sure enough, my machine has one. I had no idea. I honestly haven’t explored my machine enough, but it can do a million things. It all feels a little overwhelming, so I’ve stuck with the basics. I was so thankful to discover this stitch. It made my garment look beautiful and well made. It only took me a few hours total to make. If only I didn’t have any other responsibilities, I’d be cranking out makes like this all day, every day. I already have another Axis tank (version 1) cut out and on my dress form. This one will be more of a pj tank and I am making Sophie’s Median knickers with it. I can’t wait! It’s another project I hadn’t planned.

Here’s to so many more unplanned projects, carving out time to create, and protecting my little world of sewing.


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