Hi! I’m Pamela –  the creator, sewist, and visionary behind Penrose and Seams. I’m so grateful you are here. I’m primarily a self-taught sewist, living in Wilmington, NC with my little orange tabby cat, Appa. I am also in my second year of grad school to get my MA in counseling. I spend my Saturdays by the ocean, believe mornings should be savored, usually caught sewing to 90s R&B, think laughter is an essential, and always drink my coffee black.

I started sewing in the summer of 2013 by taking a short class at a local fabric shop in Birmingham, AL. A few years later, while I lived in Nashville, TN, I had the privilege of taking a few classes at Marguerite’s Sewing School. Currently, as I continue my sewing journey, I am enrolled in the Sew It Academy. In between these classes, I have spent personal time growing my skills by using books, videos, tutorials, and trial and error. The desire to create has always lived deep in my bones, and sewing is one of my favorite ways I enjoy expressing myself and my creativity.

When I first started to sew, I had a dream to create my own clothing line but, as so often happens, my dreams changed as I changed. In my personal life I’ve had to navigate many griefs over the past few years. While learning to grieve, with sewing as a tool to process during those stormy times, I grew a deep desire to combine inner healing and creativity. Sewing reminds me that my life, each day, each moment is its own creation. My goal with my sewing projects, and with my life, is to always create something of quality and beauty.

Penrose and Seams

The mission and vision of Penrose and Seams is to help bring awareness to the inherent worth, power, beauty and wholeness in all of us through the art of garment making.

After all of those years sewing for me, I can finally say I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do – sew for YOU.

My heart is to give you a sewing experience that makes you feel loved and seen just as you are; to gather all of your beauty, power, and uniqueness up into a garment that has only your name on it. I’m here to help you navigate those times you look in the mirror and struggle to see the full beauty and power staring back at you. I’m here to hold space for the low self-worth moments, and then help you guide yourself back to the truth of your inherent worth. And I want to do this by spending some time getting to know you, by sewing with only you on my mind, and then providing you with something tangible as a reminder that you are so loved.

I’ve had my fair share of moments when I’ve let myself forget who I truly am, and one of the places I have found my healing has been in the faces of those around me who so kindly mirror back to me the truth. While I could never possibly capture your full greatness in a garment, there will be intention and love sewn into every stitch. My hope is that every time you look at it, it mirrors back to you the truth – that you are inherently worthy of love and intention, of being seen and held.

Contact me at penroseandseams@gmail.com for more information, to get on my waitlist, to collaborate, or to just say hi.